Here you may find an archive of the great Legends of Mist Meadows that helped the land flourish and become what it was. Though many of these equines are long since gone, you may still find some of their descendents among the population of Beyond.

Those special characters that have lived here in Mist Meadows and have impacted upon many lives both in character and out of character.
They will forever be remembered here as the Legends of Mist Meadows.



- andalusian.
- dapple grey mare.
- age of death unknown.
- lived in crystal waters
- ranked as queen.
- played by alunai.
- unknown x unknown.

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- arabian.
- chestnut stallion.
- died aged 10 summers.
- lived in shimmering springs.
- ranked as ex-lord.
- player unknown.
- trouble's water x godess.

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Bullet For My Valentine

- mustang x arabian.
- chestnut mare.
- died aged 8 summers.
- lived in mount vesuvius.
- ranked as queen.
- played by lily.
- versace x unknown

She remembered why Maximus had entertained her so. She always had a strong taste for the black strong ones. At first, she didn't think to much of the stallion. He was her king, she was his mare. If nothing at all it was just a lustful relationship. The only other mares she remembered greatly were Hopeless and Black Orchid, as they both vied for Maximus too.

But Mai was young and naïve then and had a sass and a talk to rile just about anyone. They all took a instant dislike for one another, a tension that would never disappear.

When she had first tried for Queen she didn't get far. Black Orchid had got the best of her, if she remebers right. That only drove Mai more though. Black Orchid was queen for a while and Mai disappeared for awhile

She returned to birth Kahlua, just as the other's were bearing there children. She was not content in being ruled by another female. At this time Hopeless had taken the position as Black Orchid had gone elsewhere and Mai took it upon herself to take the title away.

Despite Hopeless's powers, Mai triumphed with her own fire witchcraft. After rightfully taking her spot as queen she gave birth to Augustus, and then Rhea. When she became pregnant a fourth time, Black Orchid had returned, but Maximus had not. Mai waited for sometime before finally trailing out of Mount Vesuvius for good, she knew he wouldn't come back and she wasn't wasting ther rest of her life waiting.

She gave birth to Lucifer, and he went on his own, leaving Mai in her solitufe. Which was something Mai wa not used to. So at one last attempt she went to the lake, where she was suited by Black Liquid, another notable stallion.

She gave birth to twin girls, Raven and Cheyenne.

She then met Black Orchid one last time, as one tried to out due the other.
And then she laid down... and took her ride to eternal hell...


- mutt bred. 5 breeds.
- pinto palomino mare.
- died aged 14 summers.
- lived in twilight beach and land of the dead.
- ranked as queen.
- played by angel.
- kresent killer x darkheart

A succession of written letters to those she loved, to those she called family...and to those she called enemies.

Dear Deathnote,

So you think Hell will hide you darling? I hate to tell you this...but nothing will shield you from my rage. With my death comes your condemning. Did you think you could hide your sins from me, Queen Bucephalus? I was always better than you-in Raaquis' eyes and in Dead Reckoning's eyes. I seen how you threatened not even my lover, but my child and for that Deathnote...I shall make your eternity a living hell.

Yours Truly,
Queen Bucephalus.

Dear Raaquis,

I can't help but miss you Raaquis. I know what we had couldn't be considered 'love' and I wouldn't want to tarnish our memories by calling it love. I won your queen position over Deathnote and I stuck by shielded me from pain when I was pregnant and nearly killed by the stallion Fire. What I feel for you is passion and lust and each foal a blessing. I thank you for allowing me to be your queen...and I love you for all our time together.


Dear Dead Reckoning,

God how I loved you… how could I not? You stole my heart from me and never gave it back and I loved you for taking it. Soon my love, you and I will be united again…forever doesn’t sound long enough to be with you, my dearest Dead Reckoning.

Sincerely To My Lover,

Dear Clan AngelFire,

My family, my friends and those I could continually trust to be with me and love me. I wish you all well in your lives and your lovers. I hope to see you all one day on the gates of hell, where we may all live together…not in complete peacefulness but in satisfaction that we lived this life to our fullest.

Sincerely Your Relation,

Inscribed below here is her battle post to Deathnote for the position of Raaquis’ queen:

1106 Words

Dear Deathnote,

I suppose since your mother wasn’t a queen to Maximus, whom disappeared without a trace after his family all left him, you shall share her place would you not think? Darling Deathie…or may I call you such? For I never call anyone by their full names, as you should call me Bucephalus, but me family calls me Bu. I’m their little darling, but I grew up with Rebel’s eldest son, yes Legandary Sins, and did he not beat Raaquis in a fight for one of his mares? Alas we learnt most of the same moves, though I have learnt some new ones in combat with Clouds Shadow, a dear friend of the family. O’ course Raaquis was quite jealous of my relationship I had had with Clouds Shadow, most had fancied us lovers though I never bore him a foal, for my own reasons unknown to any but myself. Alas my Dementia, as you know of her, is more powerful than most, already an heiress and quite the high ranked mate of one of the stallions at Hidden Falls. Though I think it more to annoy Raaquis than ought else because Zero ‘twas her supposed mate, though I had no grandchildren of the late from them. Lately I’ve been worried about my daughter, but Rebel will straighten her out, especially since, like me, he is her lord by the swearing of fealty she dealt to him. I doubt she would keep it though.

Oh yes, here you are, lost myself for a second there, which would have been your very good moment to strike you know love, when my thoughts are away. Alas that happens often with me, with my powers in which my thoughts randomly run circles around me. I’ve heard you’re a good fighter love, never mistook that for weakness, but I’ve held my own against necromancers, though they won in the end, kind of a given, what are you made up of? I’m made of blood, meat, and muscle and evil that comes to together to create one sexy mare that’s able to throw her weight around. Of course my sire, whom I rarely speak of, was just a pure paint, but me mom has a bit of everything, and no one has ever fought KK and won, or came out just fine. Fighting for the position as Rune’s, Fog Mountain’s old king, queen she had bloodied bodies and gotten bloodied up herself, and she had emerged triumphant, her ears laid back as she claimed her spot beside him, black mare she was. So shall I, though this battle depends completely on who is better, I hope you give me a good brawl.

Sun, ah the Sun, she awards our day with the caressing love that has turned my coat into beautiful blonde pinto. I’m the blonde flirt everyone wants, including your mate. It’s simple that a stallion wants many foals, but he can be siring them and turning in your direction at the same time, and I am not sure if Raaquis has been doing that with you. The sky was a clear blue, allowing no shadows in the day, the air gently brushing on our sides and sending waves crashing into the cliffs underbodies. Don’t stand near the edge, I may push you off. The red plateau we have picked is flat, with a bit gravelly though some sand also moved around it. To our advantage, for we have been living on a beach for a long time.

Sneer appears on my face, making my neck arch as I watch you approach with bitter amusement. I would say I don’t bite, but then I would be lying. My mane was tossed behind me, clearing the spaces of jugular, as if inviting you to take a bite. My long tail flicked around me to clear the bugs, well my eyes roamed over your near scar free body, some things change. I’m not saying I’ll win, but there is no way to enter a battle and be drawn out of it unbloodied. My eyes turn from molten brown to the creeping harsh brown of the Earth, my bloodlust threatening to explode, for we do that some times, but I maintain control over it at the moment, and a husky laugh draws from luscious lips as I watch you.

“Tell me if you can’t keep up.”< Was all I whispered, my back legs bunching as I leap forward, Viking scream leaving my lips as I tear at you, madness sweeping through my eyes as my maw opens, teeth biting down like razors on your neck as I rip away. Landing to the side of you, though I think it may be the left ((OOC-Your first post, pushing it in right there)) since you moved a bit to the right, dancing before me like a tempting morsel before a lioness. My slam to the ground shudders up the still new tissues of my legs, and I spin, my hind coming beneath me as I sidestep under myself to bring you behind me. My head dropped between my legs as I bucked out, massive Shire hooves lashing out to possibly strike your ribs and cause damage. Though it depends if you moved away from me and lessened the blow or moved into me and increased the chances of breakage. I mean, just metaphorically speaking.

I leap forward, my temper settling as I enjoy myself, doing a trot half-circle to bring myself towards you, though now I think…yes I think I am behind you since I veered away from your head in that circle. Such a risky move, but I loved getting hurt well causing pain, and I burst forward, hooves slamming into the ground as I rush up the side of you, my mouth opening again as my shoulder could…could possibly slam into the back of your front leg. And that hurts, it can pop your shoulder out of place at times, course that depends how hard a hit. As I open my mouth, which hardens my jaw so not to rattle my pretty little head and make me light headed, I wheel away from you, my attacks done.

Most prefer to stand still, well I race around like a maniac, my hooves thudding as I canter away from you, daring you to join a speed race, my body relaxed as I easily move forth. The sun flicked off of the smooth surface skin and slight upraising of scars, though I love my scars, gives me a rugged look I think. Come, come my love, we don’t have all day! Honestly, mares.



- arabian.
- grey stallion.
- left mist meadows.
- lived in river valley.
- ranked as king.
- player unknown.
- snowfire x midnight flame.

Charming waits patiently for Stanley to arrive, which comes as a large surprise. No one from River Valley has a reputation for being patient, yet Charming remains still and rigid. One look at him could tell you exactly what your up against. A strong, powerful young stallion with an overwhelming desire to fight. But, this other king hadn't even showed up yet! A snort of disdain is emitted from the young studs nares, more of annoyance then anything else. Here he was, blood boiling, skin tingling, every inch of him ready to battle, and Stanley hadn't even shown. The sun cowerd lower into the sky, casting an eerie red hue over the land and illuminatnig Charmings well muscles body. And finally, the approach of hoofbeats strikes the princes auds. Orbs snap to attention, landing upon the form of Stanley. He's no so impressed, but neither will he underestimate the stallion. Charm remains still as Stanley approaches, auds cupping forth to listen. He can hardly believe what he hears. Jesus Stanley, someones arrogent. Charmings going to make you eat your ego now. Older yes, but thats all you've got Stanley. How could you know your strong and more skilled? Snowfire is far more powerful then you could hope to be, and he has trained Charming since the day of his birth. You honestly degrad that with your petty insults? Fine.

Charming rolls his eyes in disgust, knowing that Stanley was no different then every other horse he expected to fight. I guess you are as dumb as you look, thinking that dear Charm was weak. Obviously, you are not the better fighter. I'll point out three mistakes you've made here stud. One, you underestimate. Your not so old yourself, only five, two years advanced. Two, you are foolish enough to mistake age for weakness. If you were truley as skilled as you claim, then you would have known that age has nothing to do with battle. Have you even ever been in one? You'd think you would have more common sense. Its not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog. So I can see how good you are. Now Stanley, what makes you think that your the mighty one who gets to decide this. Charming has nothing to prove to you, and you know what, hes not going to respond. Once again, you prove how fightingly impaired you are by yapping your trap. Maybe your enemies die from boredom? Oh yea, you made that third mistake. You talked, and while speaking, it was obviouse that you expected Charming to wait and listen. Anyone would expect that, but guess what? He didn't.

Charming didn't wait for a second word to get out of Stanleys mouth before attacking. Your a fool for getting so close, just to speak. In an instant, the ivory stag threw the bulk of his weight upon his haunches, which bluged with oncoming muscle as the for-half was raised skywards into a rear. Daggers caved forward, Charming came crashing down towards Stanleys skull. Now, this attack will be very difficult for you to avoid. Its like a human who just begins to talk to another. You don't expect nor prepare for them to punch now do you? Doubt it if Stanley was even prepared for this. Charmings daggers aim for the crown of your head, between the ears. A direct blow could crush your skull in, of course, killing your arrogent self. Move forward, and his weight will crash into your back and snap your spine. Move back, and it will destroy the bone around your muzzle. Side to side and it will still blow your skull. Choose wisly.

Words are a waste of time in battle. It should have been obviouse that Charming would not back down, so why did you bother giving your little speach about how amazing you think you are? Even this youngling knows how senseless that is. Charmings not even so young, and maturity wise, you seem to be equal. He is three, not very old, but strong and full of heart. Heart for fighting that is. Charming knows that he has two attacks left, and he gives you no time to recover. As soon as his fordaggers land, Charming's dial shots forward, vamps slipping out. Their yellow hue sparkles red in the downing sun as they surge forward, ready to clamp around your muzzle. If he lands this blow, then of course Charming will savagly shake his dial to rip out skin and tissue. This will be painful enough, but theres a bonus! Horses cannot breath out of their mouths, only their nostrils. Should this work, then blood will pour into your nose and limit your air supply if it doesn't suffocate you. Yes, if this happens, then the battle is over before it began.

Once again, Charming doesn't waste a second. He wheels around, rear facing you now. The haunches of a horse are the most difficult to harm, for they are thick in meat and muscle, making the hind limbs the more powerful. Back-pillairs lash out from beneath his compact body, aiming to strike you right in the throat. A hit would most likley hit your windpipe as well. This will be incredibly painful, and once again, making breathing and even speaking difficult. Maybe that'll shut you up.

Now he's done attacking. Before Stanley could even realize that he's been bombarded, Charming dances away from the older stag. Orbs are alight with an eagerness to spill more blood, for now hes had a taste for it. Theres just no word that can even begin to describe what he is feeling right now. Its such an adreniline rush, his heart thumping madley, veins pulsing, all eager to clash bodies again. No, theres no explainging a dark souls first true battle, or the sick enjoyment it bestills in them. Oh, you better be careful now dear Stanley. Pools narrowed into cruel slits, Charming awaits the attack promised from Stanley. You sure can talk fool, but can you back that up? Maybe, maybe not. Only time would tell, and your times running out.

Cloud's Shadow

- andalusian.
- dapple grey stallion.
- left mist meadows.
- lived in crystal waters.
- ranked as king.
- played by carly.
- unknown x unknown.

Why did you bring up Bucephalus...? We battled once long ago, not finishing, not ever really beginning... The little fink Nymphetamine came galavanting in.... The last son of Opal, I need to be watching him right now... But the little monster slipped past my horsey hooves into the shadows, where I couldn't follow... Like father like son I suppose. But Dawn was never this sneaky, she was an amazing mare... I wished I could have convinced her to keep her pretty little self around for just a bit longer... To give me a little consiling once in a while, she was like a mother I never had... But enough about Madam Dawns Revenge, you mentioned the little lady Bucephalus...

Ah, Bucephalus... At first sight I saw an angry stallion coming to kill me. St first scent I nearly had a sezure from shock, and at first hit, I wasn't even sure what was going on... She is quite the fireball, the little punk rebel I would like to slaughter... But once you see even a remotely soft side of her, you don't even know what to think of her anymore, in my case that is... I wont spill the details of our... last visit... But for two enemies to come onto mutual and level terms with one-another, it's awkward and creepily romantic. Of course before I really knew what was going on she took off, taking my help and leaving me in wonder... Quite the little character... If I were dark, I would fight to make her mine, but for now, I'll just keep quiet on the topic of... dear Bucephalus...

The sun seems to scream with all its might up there as my brother clouds retreat from the sky. Obviously they didn't want to see their earth-bound brother getting bloodied up, even just a little bit like this.... Well so far that is, the agile arabs often have some hidden talents up their thin skin sleeves... I have to bring up Rebellion Force again, that battle was one of my best here... He, also a thin and agile arab like yourself, was a trickster against me and my bulldog self. You may see me blink a few times more with my left eye, he actually severed a nerve up there with his ivories... And of course my weak left-side, around the barrel, he broke two ribs... I shouldn't bring up my weak spots, well wait, can you read my mind, Raaquis?

My eyes light up with excitement as I see my first attack does what I wanted it to, but my second is disappointing... Then again, we can't always spill a pint of blood with each attack, now, can we? Only in dreams... Only in dreams can we fight and fight and never cry... bleed and bleed but never die... Would you look at that, when I get into the zone I make up little rhymes in my head... As I move about I feel my own blood drip from my legs and chest, it splatters on the ground... The rocks are suddenly painted grey and red like the skin of an apaloossa, I try not to focus on what I lost, but on what you're losing. Yes I see a few scrapes along your neck and face where my thrashing hooves got to you, my lips twitter in a grimacing smile. My attack for that sensitive skin along your girth was probably a little annoying, but not horribly painful...

You turn around and go for my girth too? Rather repetative, but it's expected in battle... At least you didn't try to bite me, you take it on your hooves to attack. I swing my hinds around, away from you. Your hooves were moving fast, I knew I could do nothing to truly escape... I shut my mouth tight to evade any sort of pain-filled noise, just before I feel two crescent razors collide with my weak side.... Thank goodness you aimed just a bit too close to my girth, towards my stifle I would have been done for. I don't hear the familiar SNAP, I simply hear the painful, deadening thud of hoof to flesh. My ivories gnash out, but I just wish to hopefully scare you off for a moment or two. Fruitless...

You throw your forehooves at my shoulder, I let myself go limp to deaden as much pain as I can. I am sent away at a slight stagger, kinda like you just pushed me! I wonder what help it would be pushing me away from you, but then I notice my shoulder was bruised so hard it was numb. I shrug it off, knowing right now concentrating on pain will bring no success. I let my brain know that my shoulder will throb with pain soon if I dont act quickly and get some good hits in before I get a little too tired and achy... Before I really notice, I see a flash of white as your vampyric teeth are headed for my leg. I move quickly, quick enough so that only a little scrape cuts my leg. A small trickle of blood meets the bloody river beneath it, and I strike out after you, sending a wave of my own blood onto your black pelt.

You scamper away like a dog would that has just been beaten... though it was sort of the opposite here... I was just bloodied up a bit, though I'm not running... Things are confusing in battle, thank heavens I have a complex mind to think this all out. As you are still taking your last step I take movement towards you, my great big attack has just begun. My muscles begin to churn like an ocean beneath my thick skin. I feel my mind go into overdrive as I carefully plan out each movement, and I begin to decide what your options of escape would be... And perhaps how to make an attack you cannot escape... That of course, might just be impossible for a quick arab like you, Raaquis.

My usually thundering hooves are silent as I hear my pulse in my ears. I seem to hear nothing else except my own breathing and heart race... I toss my head as I take one or two cantering steps towards you, letting out a sort of hoarse cry. My tones are deep and scratchy, but short, and more of just a slight battle scream... Enough on my cries, let's see the actions. My mouth is set agape, and I make sure to keep my neck curled a little bit for my own protection. I am coming towards your left shoulder, with a plan in mind. With a little strain and a lot of tension on my weak hinds, I reach up with my vampyric ivories to clamp down upon the soft poll between your ears. Now I know you are fast, and I know I will get at least a hunk of flesh out of you no matter what you do... But I know I can be wrong, so I bother not to pay attention to what happens after my attack.

My second and third attacks come within moments of my landing. I know you had a clear shot at the lower half of my neck and my chest while I was in the air, but now that I am back down, I begin to carry out my plans. My eyes flash white for just a moment as I propel myself forward. In one graceful, well, mostly gracefull movement I begin this doozie of a movement. My teeth scrape along the frontside of you, your chest and neck, or whatever I can reach. I let my tongue out for a moment, letting any blood drip from it, falling to teh ground. A nice long cut across your chest will leave a pretty memory, a scar if it was deep enough... I bolt past you, and kick out wildly once, powerful and hopefully painful if I timed it correctly. I could have hit early, only causing a little bruising... If I hit your shoulders or your barrel in teh perfect time I would be lucky to hear a chip in your bone, maybe a break... If I hit too far away, then just a cut from the razor edges of my hooves... Who knows what I did to your muscle, you are behind me... I take a few steps away from you, before wildly turning my body about to face you. The whites of my eyes are thick with excitement, fear, hate, pain, and lust; All at once.

And those mixed together with my muscle makes for a deadly combination. Let's see how you can counter it, Raaquis. I'm ready for what you can throw at me in the last moment of this battle...


- paint horse.
- skewbald stallion.
- died aged 13 summers.
- lived in hidden canyon.
- ranked as beta.
- played by lala.
- unknown x unknown.

testament needed.

Dawn's Revenge

- arabian.
- black mare.
- age of death unknown.
- lived in pine forrest.
- ranked as queen.
- played by pride.
- unknown x unknown.

No one can blame you
For walking away
Too much rejection
No love injection
Life can be easy
It's not always swell
Don't tell me truth hurts, little girl
'Cause it hurts like hell

Eboniy vix cantered into these lands, something few had the power to do. This stretch of beach belonged to that of the wild brutes, and any lone fae to wander into these parts were normally better off not being spoken about. The sky had a distant storm lingering on the horizon. The wind picked up as she walked closer and closer to the waters edge, spraying salt into her gentle fascade.

Jewels scanned the area as she saw Opal standing alone looking back, scanning the horizon for she was guessing, her. She smiled and realeased a happy nicker, picking up a two beat till she was splashing gracefully into the water to stand by his side. His red coat gleamed in the light, the glint in his eye showed how at home he was. She looked out over the foaming water, she took a deep breath of the salty air and realized she was at home too. Next to Opal the one that had been there through so much and in the view of the open horizon, that was her home. Nape arched, she looked over at her love. She was ready. Her pelt was still pure and onyx, and her hips were still as tight as a 4 year olds. Layers of trained muscles rippled underneath her pelt. As the sand sunk deeper around her iron daggers, the waves began licking and pulling on her. But not until Opal and her were ready then they would take the first step together. And be lost forever at sea.

But down in the underground
You'll find someone true
Down in the underground
A land serene
A crystal moon, ah, ah

Her life had been no fairytale. She had been through a lot, 3 homes in 11 years. Lost a brother and and adopted daughter. She had been raped but still learned to love. She was young when she first felt the blissfull glee of bein in love, but it wasn't true for he left her when the rape happened. soon after she met her brother, or sorts, Raindark. She learned so much and through his guidance she healed and learned to love again. This time it was her old lords enemy, Opal. And he was true, honest and fit her to a tee. he balanced her and she him. It was a match that they would hold forever as the take the plunge together.

It's only forever
Not long at all
Lost and lonely
That's underground

She thought back to Nymphetamine. To how she hoped he was safe and would grow to be strong and wise under Cloud. She was ready. Looking at Opal she gave him a loving nuzzle then nodded. It was time. She looked at the horizon It was time to return home.

No one can blame you
For walking away
Too much rejection
No love injection
But down in the underground
You'll find someone true
Down in the underground
A land serene
A crystal moon, ah, ah

RIP Dawns Revenge: loving mother, cousin, sister and Friend. Faithful queen of Opal, her true love. Together they drift forever lost at sea, until the horizon takes them in.

Dead Reckoning

- kladruber x azteca.
- black stallion. one stocking.
- died aged 15 summers.
- lived in land of the dead.
- ranked as king.
- played by lala.
- malice x oblivious killer.

The sun began to set over the terrain, the mighty stallion watched it with narrowed orbs, his banners flew out behind him in the Spring breeze. He sighed deeply, knowing that hidden in the trees below him were many mares and foals, all his. It wouldn't be long before he was gone, he felt young and vital still, he knew he could still out do any horse in battle, he still had the springy hocks of a colt, his pelt was still glossy, his eye still bright..But they were not the problem, it was what was going on inside him that was the worry, not what the mares could see on the outside. He turned slowly and moved away from the grassy knoll, flicking his plume in arrogance as he wandered towards the waiting mare, she was as black as himself, except she had no flaws, he had but one, well, he saw it as a flaw but was having one ivory sock really that bad? He thought so, it was as though (to him) he had a little light within him, it was a flaw, it was almost like a hideous scar upon his otherwise unscathed bodice. He sneered at her, she was incredibly beautiful but he knew she was waiting for him to die, she was The Soul Taker, Deathnote. He bowed his dial to her in contempt, she had been coming back and forth for some days now and every time she tried to lead him away, he dug his daggers into the earth and refused, but she knew, as did he, that he could not resist for much longer. She grinned at him, knowingly, he rolled his orbs and bared his fangs. The mare let out a terrible chuckle and spoke, her lyrics low and as cold as ice..

Come now, you know you cannot resist it for long. He scoffed at her and strode past her, not being able to resist eyeing her sleek bodice as he slipped past her left shoulder and stood with his back to her whilst he watched the sunset, realising the irony of it all. Get lost, mare. I have no need to follow you, you cannot take me yet. You know that as do I. He refused to look at her now, though he felt her turn and stand at his shoulder, he felt sickly turned on as she nibbled the hairs of his mane. She was thinking, that was obvious, but she had already revealed that she could not take him until he either willingly followed or the Devil told her to take him. Neither had done so as of yet but she would try to persuade him.. Just think about it. Why remain here in agony? You are weakening, you can feel it, I know it. Come with me, father my young, lead the Dark Army alongside myself.. You know we could take over. She smiled to him, he turned his ebon dial to look at her, a puzzled look upon his handsome brow, take over? Hell? He snorted and turned from her again, he began to think it over, all she was doing, was offering him empty promises. He knew it was her job to persuade him to give his life to her, he flicked his audits forwards as a call echoed round the forest, ah Bucephalus. He chuckled and turned back to face the ebony mare, he was pleased to see the look of rage upon her mug, she had not realised that BU was his Queen, had she? What is wrong, Soul Taker? Do you not approve of my choice? She jerked her skull to look at him, he could see the rage burning in her fiery orbs. The thin smile on his mug widened as she opened her maw and screamed at him.

THAT WENCH? YOU ARE A FOOL! YOU SHALL.. She trailed off, the look of rage and anger subsided and she gave him a look which actually chilled him through to the bone, he twitched his muzzle nervously and waited for her to continue, to speak what had just sprung to mind. When she did talk, he was not surprised at what came forth from her maw. It matters not, she shall learn that I was never one to cross.. I took Raaquis from her, I will take you too, someday. She hissed at him, he knew there was rage and hatred between the two mares but he also knew that Deathnote could not do anything about it, as already explained, she can only take him if the Devil gives her his true name, or he agrees to go along with her, neither would happen yet. He knew that, he smiled slowly and nodded, Of course you will, now run along, I have business to attend to. He nodded his dial in good bye, she was hideously angry, he knew she would not give him a chance when it was finally time for him to go to her, she would destroy him in the worst way possible.. Something made him freeze, as he turned his back on her, she began to laugh. Slowly, he turned to look at her, she was in a half rear, surrounded by darkness, her banners flew out all about her like the hair of a Banshee, he swallowed as she moved forwards. She dropped her fore daggers down quickly and smiled, leaning towards him, she hissed in his twitching spires.. I see you hold no respect for me, you will learn, boy. You will learn. She turned away from him, with her back towards the ebony stud, she hissed, he could tell she was smiling even though he could only see her from behind. How is Deadly Honor these days? Cute kid, really.

She looked at him over her shoulder, an almost coy look played about her beautiful mug. The sudden lust and disgust for her was taken away with that look and replaced with pure hatred. He flared his nares and flattened his audits, she swore at her violently and shouted in rage. YOU GO NEAR MY DAUGHTER, ANY OF THEM, AND I WILL KILL YOU! She laughed, how exactly was he going to do that? He saw that she knew he could not kill her, he charged forwards but she vanished and reappeared behind him, these were not powers she had been born with or possessed all of the time, these were powers that she was only allowed to use when being the Soul Taker, i.e she could ONLY use them when dong her job.Now, now. You know there is one way I will leave them alone, don't you? He shivered in rage, refusing to look at her as he shook his dial slowly, she had won, she knew what she was doing. How could he ever expect to outdo the Soul Taker? He knew she could break the rules and take another life if she wished it, there was always a way around it..If he refused to go, she could sacrifice another, of his blood, to take his place. Dead Reckoning would live but his daughter would die, painfully probably.. He sighed, he hung his dial in dejection and snorted, it would be done now!

Alright! You tiresome creature, I will come but you will leave this land! You will step no closer to those mares and foals, if you harm them. I know you, remember that. Once I am dead. I can kill you. She screamed in triumph, she nodded slowly and spoke her last words.3 Sunsets And vanished, he stared at the spot where she had stood before loping down towards his golden Queen, she was standing over their playing young. He touched her shoulder in grief but said nothing, though she glanced at him in concern. He forced and smile and looked towards the bloody red sky. He had 3 sunsets left on earth, he understood that part all too well...

They Cursed Me Dead Reckoning

They Knew Me For 15 Years

They Saw Me As A Stallion

Taste My Blood Kladruber/Azteca

I Was Touched As Black with one stocking

I Tower At 16.3hh

Didn't They Tell You I Was Usually dark and silent. He will prefer to keep to himself most of the time rather then seek out the company of another. Like his mother he will carry over her pugnacious tendencies with his anger especially sensitive to 'unintelligent' fools. He will always be a gentleman despite his loner-like qualities with a soft core inside of him so that if a lady can ever get past the hard core they may find a lover. He will think highly of himself and his he will also be able to speak Azteca easily. Fighting will come easy to this tyke like both his parents he will be intelligent and strong

Malice X Oblivious Killer


- arabian x friesian
- black mare.
- age of death unknown.
- lived in twilight Beach.
- ranked as ex-queen.
- played by lala.
- unknown x unknown.

testament needed.


- appaloosa.
- palomino blanket mare.
- age of death unknown.
- lived in old paradise.
- ranked as queen.
- player unknown.
- unknown x unknown.

testament needed.


- arabian.
- dapple grey stallion.
- died aged 29 summers.
- lived in barren plains.
- ranked as king.
- played by tay.
- morab x mooncrest.

Speed Demon
You're in for a real horror story

Let's see where do I start with my boy Enishi? He was the first horse joined with the power of Super Speed and my first joined horse with a power. He was also in the top ten of my first horses on Mist Meadows. He was born in a far off desert sired by Morab and Mooncrest. There wasn't much to it he just left one day and found the Mist Meadows. Enishi soon became my second terra owning stallion. I had him challenge for a land, but one of the other terra stallions just died and so it was given to Enishi. As soon as Enishi claimed his land, called Barren Plains, he stared claiming up the girls. He quickly became known as the Speed Demon because of his unruly speed. He had a lot of mares fall for his charm and most of them were Arabians to keep his pure bloodline going. His first queen was Dry Ice and he first met her in Lover's Lake. She wasn't like all the other girls who just gave herself up right away. Enishi had to work to get her to do what he wanted, but she did finally give into his charm. She had a face no one could ever forget and an icy personality to match. Her skin was purest of white, an albino to be exact. Enishi has never laid his eyes on another Albino that wasn't her kin. Their first child was a colt named Ice Drop and became the heir to it all. I canÍt remember any of their other children, but I know they had a least one more and it was a girl. Life was good and Enishi was making friends and enemies. One of his first friends I believe was Raindark, who turned out to be a stupid fool. Raindark was a light, Enishi more of a dark. The two were clashing and Raindark never even noticed. The first enemy of Barren Plains was Shadowfax. Enishi hated his guts and how he was always doing good things for others. Enishi challenged him often and won every time, but once when I decided to quit and had him back down. I had Enishi steal Shadowfax's lovely maiden Immaculate Lovely and once she was in his possession he rapped her. She produced a filly, but quickly after that Shadowfax took her back. One day everything changed for my boy. A young ebony and ivory female appeared on the joining board and of course my boy was quick to claim her up. Her name was Carrie and she battled Ice Cube and took her down. She took her place beside Enishi and though Ice Cube had been special Carrie was defiantly his one and only. She was everything he had been looking for in a woman, strong, dark, and dangerous. He called her his Deadly Girl and the two of them spread havoc. They had a son, Vulture, who became the new heir to Barren Plains. Once Enishi was invited on a raid with Black Liquid, his noble son Ice Drop (who had become a king himself), and Snowfire. I'm not sure it went much further then that because plans changed. Anyway Eni.shi was a proud member of the bachelors who soon talked the new king into making him second in command. Snowfire soon overthrew that king, but Enishi stayed in his spot. Snowfire wasn't around a lot and so on of the fellow bachelors, Black Magic (a worthy rival of Enishi), told the Speed Demon he deserved the lead spot and that he thought he could easily take down Snowfire. As I mentioned they were rivals and so Enishi didn't fall for his game and stayed for second place. Who knows what would have happened if he went for it. Now to tell you were the mare Serenade comes in and their daughter Beyond a Dream. You remember how I said Raindark was a fool? Well this is why: Enishi secretly planned to take down his so called 'friend' one day and be the reason for the down fall. You see problem was that Enishi was a dark and Raindark a light. Those two did not mix well and Enishi's ways were so much different then Raindark's. After having their alliance for a while the other darks began to question why the Speed Demon was a friend with a light and that's when Enishi starting making his evil plans. He planned on becoming even more famous then he was and being the one to silence Raindark. Well the plan all started with messing up his life and raping his beloved queen. The lovely lady Serenade stood waiting at the LoverÍs Lake for Raindark to show. Three days had passed and he never appeared and so Enishi took the bait and rapped her. Beyond a Dream was created from that and she became a special daughter to Enishi. When Serenade came back to Crystal Waters pregnant with anotherÍs foal everyone questioned her and labeled her as a whore. Enishi sat back in the shadows watching the scene unfold and chuckling darkly to himself. Everyone knew what was going on, but Raindark. Though Enishi had rapped Raindark's queen Raindark believed the stallion's lies. "If I hadn't of been there she would have been rapped by someone else! Wouldn't you rather it be me then someone else?" those were the exact words Enishi said all the time and no one believed him, but foolish Raindark; The one horse that shouldn't of. He loved Beyond a Dream unlike any of his other children. He looked on all his children to bring destruction and power to Mist Meadows and show the world how powerful the Enishi line really was. Some of his sons really succeeded in that and Enishi was proud. One he even looked up to. Dreamer was different. He loved her no madder what she did. Even if she turned out to be the biggest light out there he would love her. Even if she hated him... Dreamer did hate Enishi for a long time, but she could not change the fact that Enishi was her father and he would be there for her always. The fool Raindark kept coming to Enishi and apologizing for Dreamer's bad behavior and rude words she spat towards her father. "Raindark's my true father and he always will be!" Dreamer's words were always there in the back of his mind ready to be remembered when he had the spare time. Over time Dreamer finally invited Enishi into her heart when her younger brother Griffen died. He remembered that day like it was yesterday. The filly ran into Barren Plains, tears streaming her beautiful features. Enishi, with all his speed, was there and cradled her until she stopped weeping. He then remembered her fleeing from his home, but she had been much kinder to her father ever since that day and finally accepted him. Unfortunately Enishi left Mist Meadows before he could destroy Raindark and have more time with Dreamer. A few years later the Speed Demon returned to Mist Meadows in full swing. His son, Raaquis, had just died and he was mad because he never got to see the son he trained in action. When En.ishi left Mist Meadows he took his sister, Tomoe, and his Son, Raaquis, with him. There outside of Mist Meadows he trained his son and sent him back. The night Raaquis's mother died he was sent back to Mist Meadows to keep the Enishi bloodline going strong and from what the dappled grey stud heard he was successful in his duty. Enishi came back and right away mares were begging him to mate. It seems horses still heard the legends and begged to keep them going and of course Enishi agreed. He quickly found Carrie who had still been living in Mist Meadows and hadn't shown herself since the day he left. His first act was to gain control of second-command of the bachelors and so he challenged Lestat for it. He won by default and was second for about a week before he challenged Ebonite for leader. Being leader of the bachelors had been his dream for a while and he ended up winning the stats battle with Ebonite. Not long after though, from lack of males in the bachelors, he gave his rein away to a stallion named Corrosion. Enishi took control of a territory again, but this time called it Red Sands. Right away he began battling again and winning. He was older and soon became much different then he was before. His life was beginning to make sense and he realized, with the death of Serenade, how he had hurt many others and destroyed their lives. There were many girls Enishi remembered and still liked for example, Dry Ice, and Speed Obsession, but they were long gone with the past. He found a new mare he quite liked named Samara, but Enishi soon retired his land of Red Sands. So you may be wondering how Serenade came back into the picture. Well Enishi challenged a stallion for her and won by default. He held her captive as before in Red Sands and the two of them made a deal. Serenade had just been rapped by a stallion named Love's Rebellion and she wanted protection for her and her foal. As long as she stayed with him she would be protected and the two of them ended up breeding, but this time it was no rape. One day Love's Rebellion entered Red Sands to meet his daughter, but Enishi protected the filly and Serenade as he promised. He sent Love's Rebellion running out of his home and bleeding. That started the rivalry of Enishi and Rebellion Force, the Speed Demon and the Dark Lord. When Rebellion Force stole Serenade from Red Sands the two erupted in a great battle, but still the reason why is unclear. Some say Rebellion Force challenged Enishi to avenge the spilled blood of his son and others say it was a challenge to see who was more powerful. Enishi was also fighting to win back the pregnant Serenade. In the end Enishi won the long, hard battle and saved Serenade from possible doom. The day Serenade gave birth En.ishi was there. She had a twin boy and girl named Harmony and Dilemma. Soon after she was on her deathbed from depression and Enishi realized what he had done to her. He had ruined her live long ago when he rapped her and with her death he realized he had to make it up to her somehow. It was odd though Enishi had ruined her life in the end he had saved her from Rebellion Force. It was a sad bay with Serenade died, but it was also a reunion. Beyond a Dream showed up to see her mother leave this world and Enishi got to see his favorite daughter again. After that he vowed to watch over their children and raise them to make amends with his bad deeds of the past. Going to Artorius, Serenade's son with Shadowfax, he talked him and his twin sister, Shattered Fate, into letting him stay in their home where Crystal Waters once stood and raise the twins. He didn't hate Artorius and Shattered Fate, but he hated their father and whenever he looked at them that's what he saw. So the remainder of his years he lived in Camelot (the old Crystal Waters) and raised the twins. His last raid he participated in was with Sliiquix and his herd of Dragon Empire on Point Pleasant. If felt good to be fighting beside Carrie again. His last battle had been the one with Rebellion Force and a week later he was found dying in Camelot by his daughter Anima and later Rebellion Force himself. His body was already old and his wounds from the fight with The Dark Lord were still fresh and bleeding so it made all the weaker when his time came. He had been running with his super natural speed through the light terra of Point Pleasant when a sudden fire erupted. He knew Mist Meadows had been going up in flames, but he had thought with Point Pleasant's borders that it was same, but I guess he was wrong. That is unless some fire wielding stallion came in and set it aflame, which is exactly what happened. Enishi died on the floor of Camelot his legs burned and his body beaten from the fight with Rebellion Force. His soul left this world to spend the remainder of his days in the fiery pits of hell, but Enishi would never know the name of his killer, Fierce. To love, to hate, to live, and to die- it's all fate --- Give 'Em Hell Kid 
captioned // ||En.ishi|| 
orientation // Stallion 
 cycles // 29 
observation // Pure bred arabian 
dyed // Dapple gray 

 persona // You remember Enishi don't you? He is a stallion that holds strong lusts for the ladies and loves spreading his strong bloodlines. He's handsome and powerful and confident. He's also very protective over his mares and everyone who shares is blood. Let's just say don't mess with this family and just don't make him angry. Remember I warned you! Oh yes and he loves to run! 

associates // Black Liquid 

 adversaries // The very daring Rebellion Force 

 loyalty | Dark with a tiny bit of neutral 

 legacy | super speed 

 parentals // Morab X Mooncrest 

foals of the past //

(X Grey Rose- also Enishi's first born)Vardo[M]gone

(X Carrie)Vulture[M]gone

(X Tomoe)Raaquis[M]gone

(X Duchess)Enrivo[M]gone 

(X Namika)Navaho[F]gone

(X IceCube)Icedrop[M]gone

(X Serenade)Beyond a Dream[F]gone

AND many more I can't think of!

foals of the present // 

Icy Gem[F](X El Gem Del Fueago)

Unnamed[F](X Carrie)-stillborn 

Chernobyl[F](X Endzone) 

Hellian[F](X Dare-Devil Diva)

Sugar and Spice[F](X Rajani)

Vulcan[M](X Nocturno) 
???[F](X September Strike) 
Sangre Inferno[M](X Mielefiore) 
???[M](X Clouded) 
Anima[F](X Amaterasu) 
???[F](X Kissin' Sky) 
Aspire[F](X Rooke)

Moonshine[F](X Stardust)-twin

Clovan[M](X Stardust)-twin

Isis[F](X Devilish Lady)

???[M](X Dark Abyss)

Avund[M](X Avalon)
Eve[F](X Carrie)

Harmony[F](X Serenade)

Dilemma[M](X Serenade)

Corvo Veloce[M](X Raven Scar)

Soul Bender[F](X Mila) 

Punk Riot[M](X Carrie) 
Essen[F](X Carrie)

the heir // Vulture(X Carrie)

the children who made something of themselves // 
Vulture | Once king of Barren Plains 
Icedrop | Once king of the Gorge 
Vardo | Once King 
Raaquis[The blood king] | Once King of Twilgiht beach

those remembered and hold a special place // Dry Ice, Carrie, and Serenade

half-sister // Tomoe [dead] 

she stole my heart // Carrie

 superior // Tay

 Theme Song // The Animal I have become

PICTURE [C]Bree, 20013.
CHARACTER copyright [c] Tay 2013.


- mutt bred.
- grey stallion.
- age of death unknown.
- lived in singing forest.
- ranked as king.
- player unknown.
- unknown x unknown.

Soon, the bastard comes into veiw. A LIGHT, mind you, wouldn't keep his mares against their will, would they? And whoever said the little fae did love to be kept prisoner? You yourself don't sound much lighter than myself. And by the way, I'm neutral, and you're fortunate enough to catch my bad eyes. My usually gentle brown eyes turn a bloody red, and I'm ready to bring hell to a brute who won't let his faes choose. And if I didnt respect my FORMER queen's feeings, why, then did I let her go, along with Cloud Chaser to raise her child elsewhere? She never even had to come back if it was against her will. I never force, but clearly you do.

My auds are no longer pinned, but perked as they catch your immature words.

" Me, immature? listen to yourself. You think insults get you anywhere in life, do you? And for your information, you clearly don't know who I am, for surely you wouldn't be saying this, would you. Unlike you, sir, I respect all my faes, and those who feel otherwise are simply mislead, but I never 'use', I love. And if you're so good to her, why not give her freedom? I let my mares go elsewhere to find their happiness elsewhere if they wish it, I don't hold them to the land, as you clearly do. don't be a hypocrite, and I'll let you know, I am who I am, but all you seem to be is a liar, a dark in a light's skin, and I see it as truth, don't take it as an insult, but a statement", I speak coldly.

I stand 16.2 hh, adn you stand, what? 15hh? After all, you aremustang, and they don't really have height. But be warned, I have arabian in me, that is why I'm not as tall as I should be, 16.5hh, so be thankful. I am also blessed with the grace of any arabian, and the strength and poewr of my better half, so careful, I may be muscular, but I CAN move.

Laugh in my face, will you? Fine, but that makes you stand rather close, doesn't it? AND I take advantage of this closeness. I show no signs, but soon, my dial is flying toward your own, easily able to reach any point on your pathetic waste of flesh you call your body. My ivories flash, and I aim for the delicate spot between the ears. Move to either side, i will probably take off a ear. Forward, and, well, I'll hit the spot where the spine attaches to the dial, and this could cause death, as well hitting between the ears if you're foolish enough to stand still. Back up, adn odds are, I will take out that eye of yours and blind you, or hit your muzzle, and tearing a ice of flesh off that would hurt big time, wouldn't you think so?

Oh, how thrilling it is to fight, adn me having the advantage of height and wisdom since odds are I'm older than you, I am far from disadvataged, wouldn't you say. I'm not usually the one to fight others for mares, but the way you hold your lovely faes hostage, it sickned me to the fullest, filled me with rage, and I won't tolerate that, no way no how. Faes should be free to leave without having to run from the terrible brutes that hold them against their will, or fight them. No, stallions should grant them freedom, as I grant my faes their's. And as m dial draws back, the rage builds, but I keep my focus on you, my newest target. Now, I do a sharp U turn to bring me to your left side, and I once more, stretch out my muscular serpentine fast, not wanting to waste time. I aim for your spine. I rather big target, no? And if I were to hit it, it could possibly parylyaze you, or cause immense pain. I'll settle for either. But if yoy move back or forward, I'll probably still hit the spine, but to the sides, I would probably just hit the sides. no attack is perfectly executed all the time, am I not correct?

One last attack, and I'll make this one quick. I shouldn't have started out so serverly, but oh well, can't change the past, can I? I stay at your left side, adn soon, my muscular hindquarters strike out with the hardness of my fresian daggers to aide the impact, along with the strength of my muscular hindquarters. I aim to kow youm down, to cause you to land on the sharp rocks, or possibly break your delicate rib cage. A broken rib should be rather painful, no?

Now, I dance off to the side a bit, making sure I can see you coming, and am out of reach of a fast blow. Not much of a boy, am I?


- andalusian.
- grey stallion.
- age of death unknown.
- lived in quallan.
- ranked as king.
- played by fairamay.
- unknown x unknown.

testament needed.


- brumby.
- palomino stallion.
- age of death unknown.
- place of residence unknown.
- rank unknown.
- played by lala.
- unknown x unknown.

testament needed.

Kresent Killer

- shire x Friesian x shagya arab.
- smoky black mare.
- died aged 10 summers.
- place of residence unknown.
- rank unknown.
- played by angel.
- black liquid x angelfire.

The other half of her contribution is in next post. Dear friends and family,

It's not even that I didn't know my family, it's just that with so many outward influences we have drifted from our closeness. Even now, dead and roaming the gates of Hell, which is as promising as it sounds for us darks, with Snowfire who was once my daughter's grandest of mates, a one night stand as it would seem, I sigh as I watch the bickering through this amazingly large port-hole and stomp my foot. Oh sure Darkheart's here but everyone generally ignores him because he's not worth mentioning-ever. So I stand beside one of the legendary stallions, actually I tower but Snowfire only laughs at this. I'm massive after all. And I toy with my last post but here is how I shall update it to new events and I can only hope that it gets out of this hell-hole, which is being taken over much to the DevilÕs amusement, by me and Snowfire and Maximus and all the other killers here. Opal's even here! This gave me a turn and made me mummer something non-intelligent and bolt. I know it's terrible. But I brightly and shyly speak to him and his mare Dawn's Revenge, whom is as delightfully evil as they say! Mai is here too, but Charming isn't the poor boy isn't actually dead but just left Mist Meadow.

Hell is not how I expected it, I expected a place where horses were at the bottom of the food chain and where mares were in-equal, which was why I hoped Rebel would go first because he would change this, but as I find out now it's not! The Devil's queen, Devilina is quite as powerful as her lord and he knows it and he adores her. Persephone and Hades you could call them and Hades did adore me, not really a fancying notion but more of uou are so adorable I simply must be friends with you!' I adore him as well, but not in mate kind. Indeed Rune was here and I was having fun with him. We had missed each other over that period of time.

Well sweet pea, I had been ill when I had prepared my final viewing, so here's the good copy for all my family to look at and treasure. I love you all.

The curse that had been over top of my head like a terrible cloud simply wasn't leaving. My nose was running and my head was heavy and I could barely swallow over a huge lump in my throat. But I have to say that my death is here, the reaper at my door. My enemies will rejoice as I leave this world in which we live in, my death causing happiness for so many who hated my power. My overlarge family shall go on as they will be forced to without one of the three elders; after all they have no choice. I will die and Sins or Bu will take my place as a leader.

It's not that I die from enemies or that anyone can claim pride at my death, but I die from a sickness that if I remain would kill every foal in Mist Meadow. So I suggest those who laugh and dance is sad for me. Those who cheerfully say thank god be grateful at the sacrifice I made for every foal in Mist Meadow. I sacrifice myself not for them, but for my family and my new son, Lucian. Another son like Pitch Black I gave birth too, my Lucian as I have named him. It was lucky Bucephalus had just given birth by me and I was able to get her to take him before he got to close. He would never feel my touch or my love and even now in the boiling heat of hell I feel tears well up.

I stand calmly and easily in the graveyard, before slipping away to the back areas of the mountain path, deciding once and for all that I will not die alone in the graveyard where no one will remember me, but as I take unsteady steps, dizzy and woozy, I walk to my first home. Voller Kries, I slip several times in the mud but with determination and will power I force myself to continue on to my home, a pain starting in my side but still I continue, troubles with my breathing but continuing on none the less. The age lines which would be unnoticeable to my first beauty are etched tightly in my face, though in no way am I old. Only a decade old. I barely make it to my birthing place, where I had given birth to Pitch Black, collapsing inside the low ceiling cave with a shallow gasp. My body stretches out as I begin to spasm and I write letters to the most important horses in my life in my head.

Mama, hell you're a greater legend than even Rebel and Daddy. Everyone knows AngelFire and everyone knows better than to mess with you, after all, you're the one who taught Rebel how to kick ass and whoever has fought Rebel knows to back off when you come here. I beg of you to understand why Bucephalus has been given Lucian. You were a great mother but I don't wish for you to have to play Mama any more, to Lucian you can be his favorite grandma and the one who teaches him our ways.

Daddy dearest, please forgive Rebel for his trespasses, he loves you like I do and I'm sorry that I, your look-a-like has to leave you so soon, seems like only yesterday you were grating at me for being with Rune when he stole your home before telling me that it was good for me to take advantage. You were there through Darkheart and all my childhood dreams and I love you more than life. I hope I see you sometime in the later future so you can help me run Hell.

Rebellion Force, Sapphire and Victim say hi and I too say hi to you. We were close, weren't we? Of course being a year apart and living in the same terra till I was six would do that. God I missed you when I was laying beside Rune at night, you were more than a brother, you were a best friend. Kick ass and kick it hard, love Coldfire because she deserves it and watch over my babies Rebel, for me.

Cursed & Coffin, I never got to know you ladies and that saddens me, but take care of mama and daddy and Rebel for me since I'm not here. You know how much he annoys us because he loves us. Also Cursed, I know you hated me and Mother for being little whores in your opinion, but we love you no matter what so keep that in mind.

Sapphire Gem's brood. You are only three foals and six grand foals in total, but Prophacy you are the heart and soul of your mother's blood. Remember to worship your dark family and bring reason and lightness to them. Don't change for anything and for you foals of Prophacy and Octavian. be good and work hard to play hard, remember who's blood is in your veins and don't splash it around for any mare. Your great-grandfather Opal is nipping me so I guess he's saying hi, as is your Grandmother Sapphire. They miss you.

Rebel's brood. My god your daddy's a little man whore, twenty three foals and twenty-two grandbabies. Hell that's even more than me and I address the whole lot of you. Never forget, our family is strong and important and no matter what when it comes down to anything we will protect you from anything. Stop those who bad-mouth us and kill those who dare attack your family. Family first, lovers second.

Bucephalus, my darling, my eldest child and the birth giver to five of my nine grandchildren, the fifth foal is currently in your womb. Your father is a bastard and doesn't even say anything when asked of his behavior here; he has been beaten by Opal and Snowfire for his sins. We both know he is a bastard and I am pleased you never followed in his path. You are like your mama, you play queen and princess when you want to but whore when it pleases you. The reason your one of my favorites. You are my greatest pride and joy and I love you and want the best for you, but it seems you already have that Queen Bucephalus. I begged you to take your youngest brother and you did my sweetheart, he is yours for safekeeping. Nurture him and keep him alive with your own newborn daughter. For me, my child. Bucephalus' children and grand-children, be good and Amelia don't just run off because you want to be free, your mama loves you and remember that.

Lindt, enough said my sugary sweet but harsh daughter, how I love you and respect you. You take your name and my name into further than Bucephalus, she's better known but you have so much going for you. Take care of your four children; don't ever let Oblivious think you don't love her. You stand on your own hooves as high in rank as I ever was, perhaps a bit smaller but it makes no weight, because you don't have horses haggling for you. You fight for yourself and I admire you for that my darling. Good for you sweetheart. Watch out for your brothers and sister for me and make sure my grandchildren mind their manners.

Pitch Black and Kresent Knight, where the hell you boys went I'll never know, but all I know is that you aren't there anymore. No matter, you will be there for your sisters when the time comes and your younger brother. I know you both and I know that you will always protect them when I'm not there to protect them. So be good for your family.

Lucian, you cannot feel the pain I feel from not knowing I will never ever get to love or cherish you with you standing there. I will never know you, but I know your sister Bu will take good care to you and you may never know it but I'll be beside you through anything, just give a call and I'll come to your beck and call. I'm here for you forever and I'm sure you'll live to greatness as all my foals have.

I snort softly as my body seems to take its own cry from me, spacing out to become nothing as I sigh as I feel the muscles all over me begin to relax. I feel myself slipping away from my body, feel the weight lifted as I arise like a ghost, gazing down at the glazed eyes and black body that is laying so motionless and a tear rolls down an invisible cheek as I hear wails of pain. Gone is the one who was a queen, a sister, a lover and a friend. I don't know if I'll always be remembered, but as the cave opens deeper and out steps my men and I fly to them, I can't help the small choking laughter of love and happiness as I bustle, biggest of them all and more powerful in body until we hit the rock bottom.

The burning lake was torturing its victims, but as they invited me to swim, it turned to pure water for me and I snickered, splashing boiling hot singes upon the stallion ahead of me before flaunting off. I'm like that and I run upon the burning sands, making no heed to the painful screams. My home, my paradise and I am drawn to a clear image and stare upon it, saddened and delighted to find my family mourning. Saddened to cause them pain and pleased that I can watch them forever. Be safe my family. I love you.

Love You All Forever,
Kresent Killer

Kresent Killer
Out of Black Liquid by AngelFire
A Loving Mother, Sister, Aunt And Daughter
A Killer Lover, Fighter and Fiend.
Rest Forever In Hell Where Only The Great Go

To Kresent Killer, I shall miss playing you my sweetheart, go to hell and await for your family. My final gift to you is putting you on the Legends page with 2,066 Words as a tribute to your beauty, your wisdom and your strength. My Inner Souls are empty without you.

xThey Singed Herx
Kresent Killer

xThey Called Upon Herx
Died At The Age 10yo

xThey Boiled Herx
Shagya Arabian|Friesian|Shire

xThey Burnt Herx
Smokey Black

xThey Stretched Herx

xThey Made Herx
Kresent Killer wasnÕt just a loyal mare, she was severely loyal to the point where she would actually kill for her family. She is the type that once betrayed she will instantly have a grudge for that horse and they will see the side that you donÕt like. Loving to her family is one side, where she is kind, loyal and very protective. Her second side is like black to the ivory white of her first one. She came become cruel and rude, ravishing and even some what a cannibal is such a thing exists through horses. She has a variety of mood swings and she loves to cause others pain. Not really your favorite girl, but sheÕs a daddyÕs girl to some part. Stay on her good side. If she has one.

xHer Constellationx

xThey Created Herx
Black Liquid xXx AngelFire

xThey Seduced For Herx

xShe Brought Forthx
Bucephalus(F)(x Darkheart)
Lindt(F)(x Rune)
Pitch Black(M)(x Rune)
Kresent Knight(M)(x Kade)
Lucian(M)(x Riddick)

xAnd They Brought Forth(Grandfoals)x
Dementia(F)(Bucephalus x Snowfire)
Oblivious Desires(F)(Lindt x Oblivious Killer)
Rebellis Vengance(F)(Bucephalus x Raaquis)
Bloodied Runes(M)(Lindt x Zigzag)
Viktor(M)(Lindt x Zigzag)
Rurik(M)(Bucephalus x Raaquis)
Godivia(F)(Lindt x Zigzag)
Amelia(F)(Bucephalus x Dead Reckoning)
Shafire(M)(Bucephalus x Dead Reckoning)

xAnd They Brought Forth(Great Grandfoals)x
Eris(F)(Dementia x Zero)
s(F)(Dementia x Zero)
William(M)(Dementia x Zero)

xThan They Brought Forth(Great-Great Grandfoals)x
Selene(F)(Eris x Zuberi)

xThey Arex


- spanish bred. 4 breeds.
- grey stallion.
- age of death unknown.
- lived in old paradise.
- ranked as king.
- played by alixa.
- unknown x unknown.

The peaceful clearing was bathed in silver moonlight. A star-streaked sky was clear, the pale moon continuously pouring down silver rays down upon the earth. Each star seemed to shine brightly tonight. A gentle breeze stirred the tall blades of grass, gently swaying them to and fro. Night time melodies filled the atmosphere with a pleasant feeling. Tranquility plainly had a firm grasp upon the lovely night. But things were ending somewhere, too. All things had an end, and tonight, a great end would come to be found. An elderly stallion staggered into the clearing, wheezing. Each breath was harder to take in, his lungs struggling to grasp at the precious oxygen that didn't find its way into his chest. His heart beat rapidly, yet futilely, for not even the gentle miracle of the priestess could save him. But that was as he wished it, as Eqqus wished it, and surely as Duchess wished it. Tonight, was his last night with earthly limitations. He lowered himself to the earth's crust, groaning with pain. And there he lay, knowing full well he would never raise again. But he lifted his skull weakly, and took one last, long glance around him, at the tranquil peace that filled his son's home. He then gently rested his skull upon the earth once more, but never would it lift again, of its own will. His eyes closed, and his breathing slowed, but he drifted into the memories he held closely.

He remembered his very first steps into Mist Meadow. He had been young then. Muscular, strong, and a proud figure, and still, even in his dying moment, and ever since he'd taken his first steps into his life, he'd been proud, even floating about within his mother's womb, he was proud. But Legado remembered his first sighting of Duchess, timidly approaching him. And they talked.. And it wasn't too long before he'd gained a home and sheltered her from further harm she'd suffered from her past. And he remembered falling for her, so deeply falling for her heÕd never see another light like that which shone in her eyes. And then, the glorious day, when Nikairi was born. She was so full of energy. So full of spirit, it made this old stud proud to be called her father. And but a few years, Royal Legacy had been birthed from Duchess. And he was now a noble leader of Murmuring Rivers, though Legado felt how the young stallion longed for his birthland to be given back to him and his family. But it was gone, for many more generations. But perhaps one day. And then, Secrecy. She'd never been all that close, always leaving the herd, looking for her place and her purpose in life. She'd been lively.. And of all those years, between and even during the foalhood of their children's lives being started and growing longer, Legado and Duchess only grew stronger, but together. Their love was unbound by anything the world would ever be able to understand. It stretched on farther than any galaxy, farther than anyone could reach or touch. It was strong, and would always set an example for their children. A memory of the raid, and when he'd clashed with an ebon king, the ring leader, Dead Reckoning. Blood was spilled, a few lives lost, but the battle had been great and glorious, another memory left in the ashes of Paradise. It had been a sight to see ebony and ivory clashing, neither giving in to the other, but Legado had fought for those he loved, for his home. For Duchess. And though neither had been victorious, there was still a marveling glory that would forever be told in the tales of this great king's life. He watched as his childhood flashed before his eyes. His grandsire. The countless time he's spent training, learning what he could from his grandsire. He recalled the passing of the great stallion, and the mourn that settled upon his heart. And then, his memories brought him to the present or close past. He had three great grandchildren to watch grow from the heavenly skies. He had his family he could watch prosper and struggle through hardships and life, and feel beams of pride pour down upon them like the warm rays of the sun as he watched them win victory over those challenges life placed before them..

A beam of light gleamed, and it took mere seconds for Legado to make out the golden shape of Duchess, her silvery splashed rump gleaming uniquely. A soft smile spread across Legado's facades and he stepped forward, nuzzling her ever so tenderly. And at her side, the grey stallion he knew as his grandsire. He grinned, and he felt nothing but welcome and happiness surround him like a warm embrace as he stood with the two that meant so much to him. And the two he'd walk the starry skies with and the sunlit skies as well. And it was then, that a sudden jolt shot through his physical body. And then, he lay still. The shallow and rapid rising and falling of his side ceased. All movement stopped. And he lay there, forever limp. And Legado now stood before his limp bod, his spirit glowing like fire, but at each shoulder, Duchess and his grandsire. He stared down at his bod in disbelief that he was dead. But the reassuring nuzzle of Duchess's soft velvetiness against his nape, and the reasurring nudge upon his now youthful shoulder offered all the reassurance in the world. And then, nodding to both of them, he faded , and turned to walk the skies, but not without sparing one last glance over his shoulder. He would miss them, but never would he not be there for them.. And he was gone. A legacy in itself.

And so the tranquility went on, but within the air, a mourning tension. But all was as serene as it had been. His bod lay there, for his family to surround and for them to think of the good memories he shared with them all. Some would miss him more than others. But he was always with them. He was in the flowing waters that dances when the sunlight touched their surfaces. He was in the gentle breeze, caressing them soothingly in conciliation. He was always there, in everything around them, and within themselves... All they had to do.. Was remember.


- friesian or draft?.
- black stallion.
- age of death unknown.
- lived in mount vesuvius.
- ranked as king.
- player unknown.
- unknown x unknown.

Advocatus Diaboli.

"Run away? You should get your facts straight, dead boy. You speak Latin, do you?" Latin and Hellspeak. The two languages of hell, guess thatÕs where he picked it up. "Go back to where you belong before I put you back. Mortuus puer! Lost nonnullus of you're solers in nex vel did vos usquequaque combibo is ultum?" He had been speaking Latin more often and the words felt like right coming from him. Maximus is not here to banter about humans, he is not here to show anyone up. He is here to fight.

"Tired already? Gee, I though there was so much more to you. Look like you are just skin and bones." Maximus snarled. Petty insults about his breed, home, and self. A wolfish smirk on his mug. Like he hadn't heard it before. It was all water to him, water that would roll off his back. He is not some stupid draft from a dark herd, like most here are. Trained in combat and military, he knows how to fight. He knows how to move, despite his size. For some, learning to fight is a right, a privilege. For him, he had to learn by himself, or die at the bloodied hands of his friends. He had the best of both worlds. He does deserve death. Maximus admits it, but he won't have it taken by some dead horse who couldn't stay here.

Again, he rears. His neck safely out of reach, only his leg feels the scrape of teeth against it. Not too bad. Lashing out, he aims for the skull of the other with sharp scythes. spinning on his hinds, he meets the other in air. here, he has the advantage. Pushing his giant weight against the other and snaking his head to slice through the dead skin on the neck. Who said the Emperor was trying to kill you? The calsh of the bodies jolts him for a second, but he doesn't lose balance due to his large hooves. Any with smaller ones would have stumbled. One like Opal. If he latches on to this hard to miss neck right in front of him, he would pull out the other's insides. Hey, he wasn't using them anyway. Oh so now it took two to take down one? Well, he hadn't expected much from them. Maximus felt the other's weight on his back, but brushed it off easily. He was young and light. Maximus was built of harder stuff than that. Spinning on the colt, he grinned. He had already run off, Maximus had never seen such a coward in battle. One such as him would never have lived past his first year where the Emperor was from. Yet, they were not there.

He lunged at the other. Greatly out weighting him and more experienced. "I should get Augustus to come and test you. You wouldn't even last to him." Maximus sneered. Yet, he did not need a colt to fight his battles for him. The obsidian one aimed a hard kick at the other's chest. Close enough to practically ensure a hit, he knew this would break the bone if hit straight on. Crushing the other's heart and lungs with shards of his own internal amour. Move to the right of left and it would break the shoulder. His hindquarter's much stronger than those of desert breeds. It's all that plow pulling that does it. Oh, he got a girl, did he? Well, Maximus might just have to pay her a visit, in a little while. After all, this was starting to get fun.

Midnight Flame

- arabian.
- piebald mare.
- age of death unknown.
- lived in river valley.
- ranked as queen.
- played by pride.
- unknown x unknown.

testament needed.

Midnight Madness

- arabian.
- black mare.
- age of death unknown.
- lived in twilight beach.
- ranked as herd mare.
- played by tay.
- raaquis x midnight's dream.

testament needed.


- mutt bred. 4 breeds.
- black stallion.
- age of death unknown.
- lived in death oasis.
- ranked as king.
- played by rayleigh.
- augustus x gold.

How do we describe Octavian? Well, you could say he is cold, cruel, mean, heartless and many other bad things. But that's only on the outside. Don't judge him because he seems like a bad guy. Get to know him first. Everyone should be given a chance, no matter what their alliance might be, or what side they are on. It's unfair to those who are left behind, and I'm sure you wouldn't want to feel that way. Everyone's heard it once or twice, but don't judge a book by it's cover. That's exactly how it is with Octavian. Underneath all the bad stuff, he's a good, gentle man who just needs to be found. That part of him's been locked up since he was but a mere little colt, young and naïve. He is a puzzle, you might say, waiting to be solved. Or a lock without a key, that needs to be opened and has a door leading you into the centre, where the heart beats; the heart of someone just like you. Everyone's the same on the inside, but you need to look closer to find that same person.

Let me tell you about my ebony boy. Sit back, relax and just listen. I'm sure somewhere you'll find the reason he is like the way he is right now. Or should I say...was?

Octavian was born about eleven years ago. He was small, and a bit frail in the bones. But boy, was he handsome! He loved to run, jump and play, and he was an overall happy foal. But his mother, Gold, wasn't a happy mare. She was worried about her high-ranking status within his father's herd. Augustus, was the boy's sire's name. He was a good fellow, most of the time. But not all the time. He had some troubles here and there, and everyone knew that. But Gold, she didn't really like him for who he was. She had been given the rank of Queen because Augustus knew that the foal inside would make a fine heir or heiress. And "it" turned out to be a "he". Augustus probably would've been glad, had he been around. Gold birthed Octavian in Augustus' terra, and went searching for him the next day. But she never found him. Well, she did, but it was only briefly, because Gold feared for her firstborn's life. For reasons unknown she fled from the terra after being defeated by another mare, and Augustus was never seen again. For this, my shadowed knight hates his sire, and simply dismisses him from his heritage.

Gold grew old over the years, and raised Octavian well. She taught him everything he needed to know about being a king, how to respect females, and many other things a colt should know. She watched with pride and happiness as Octavian grew from a scruffy colt to a handsome, sleek stud who would later go on to be the sire of many foals. She was so proud when he got his first terra, and she even lived with him for awhile. But as the years went by, Gold got weaker and weaker, until finally she just couldn't hold on any longer. Recently she died, at the astounding age of sixteen years. Well, not just recently, she died when my boy was about five years of age.

Octavian missed her very much, but he eventually got over her, and was able to move on. He met Prophacy, a lovely sorrel and white female who captured his heart instantly. He fell for her, head over heels, and he could not stop from tumbling down, sinking deeper and deeper in love with her. He was entranced by her beauty, her movements, her everything. They met at a death, actually. The death of a stallion, by the name of Fire. He was hard to kill, but they succeeded eventually. They? Yes, Octavian, Zigzag, Zero, Lindt, Dementia, Rebellion Force, and of course, Prophacy. That day was one the three amigos will never forget, because that was the day they met the females that would stick by them through thick and thin. All except maybe Lindt, who was loving, but sometimes unfaithful. But this isn't about her, or Zigzag. This is about Octavian and Prophacy.

The couple soon began to see more and more of each other every day, and they could not get enough of each other. They finally confessed their love for one another, and it was a happy, happy day when they did. Soon after, Prophacy became pregnant with one of Octavian's first foals. His second, to be exact. It was a male, I believe. The name I cannot recall, for there are many colts my legendary male has sired, plus many more. Octavian went on to sire eighteen more, giving him a total of twenty. How many grandchild he's got, I haven't a clue. Great-grandchildren are simply out of the question. His sons have not yet bred, nor have they found their true love. But I know they will someday, they just have to wait for her to come along and knock them off their feet.

Octavian mourned and mourned for days, weeks and even months, even after all this happiness had come to him. But he, too, noticed he was growing old, weak and frail. He knew his time was coming, and so did everyone else. He didn't want to go, but he knew he had to someday, sooner or later. And it turned out to be sooner, because one day, he simply fell to his knees, his body just too weak to go on. He was attacked, by some sort of desert lion. He was able to shake the animal away and the thing never came back. But soon, everyone was gathered about the ebony stallion who lay weak and helpless upon the ground. He was sinking, freefalling, deeper and deeper into the dark abyss of death, and he simply could not stop himself.

But he worried; where was his mate, his lifelong love, the apple of his eye, Prophacy? She was coming, and then there she was, laying down right next to him, and he was happier then ever, even knowing he was about to sink into perpetual darkness forever, never to return again. He snuggled with the two-toned female who had been loyal and faithful to him, through thick and thin, and had bore only his children. Oh, how he loved her so! He wanted to see her one last time, and his wish had been granted. He whispered into her ear, soothing her. I do recall him saying...

"Oh, Prophacy. I'm so glad you're here. I want to tell you I love you, I always will. I feel my end drawing closer and closer. I simply cannot hold on any longer. I do not want to leave you, but alas I must. I am losing my sight, my hearing, and my bones are becoming frail. I cannot live like this any longer. I will go tonight, and I want you and all of our family to be there with me, so I will feel no pain."

He sobbed and sobbed, not wanting to leave his love behind. But little did he know they would die together. Prophacy died before him, and his friends and family let him go. His eyelids fluttered shut, and a great sigh was heaved, his last on earth. He drifted lazily into a deep, deep slumber, one that he would never awaken from. The last thing I remember putting into his mind was that he was sailing, drifting away on a cloud, going higher and higher into the sky. And soon, Prophacy was there, waiting for him. Silently, they walked with each other, and knew instantly they were in a better place.

So, my dear Octavian, may you rest in peace forever. May you sail the deepest oceans, climb the highest mountains, and fly to the highest of heights. May you love everyone you meet in heaven, and may you not forget us. Because, my good friend, we will not forget you. Your legend will live on forever, and no one will forget you, I promise you that.

Live happily, and remember, you are in a better place.

Mimi, Angel, and everyone else at Mist Meadows.


- akhal-teke x arabian.
- bay stallion.
- age of death unknown.
- lived in pine forest.
- ranked as king.
- played by kyda.
- unknown x unknown.

Dr. Caron: These are just a few of the images we've recorded. And you can see, it wasn't what we thought. There's been no war here and no terraforming event. The environment is stable. It's the Pax. The G-23 Paxilon Hydrochlorate that we added to the air processors. It was supposed to calm the population, weed out aggression. Well, it works. The people here stopped fighting. And then they stopped everything else. They stopped going to work, they stopped breeding, talking, eating. There's 30 million people here, and they all just let themselves die.

He thought he wouldn't go out like this. He thought the end of his life would be a fiery blaze of momentary perfection. Ah hell but this is much better, he decides as he stares out across the wide expanse of the ocean. Not far away a storm brews over the ocean perhaps a baby hurricane that will someday destroy us all or perhaps just a fluke that will never reach maturity. The pale light of the moon washes down in strands of the purest silver to be reflected in tiny bits by the calm ocean waves. The familiar smell of brine assault the pirates nares as he takes in deep the first place he ever came to. Just like he didnÕt back then six years ago he wades chest deep into the salty liquid, letting his thick pull wash over his skin. His tail is pulled then pushed by the untamable waves. His dark eyes hold all the cold fire that matches the deadly ferocity of the irritated surf that pounds against his chest then explodes in a alabaster spray across his neck.

His ears turn back against the welcomed assault tho Opal turns his skull to the side to look for Dawns Revenge. His lover and the one how loves him. The one he is destined to die with.

Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: Come a day there won't be room for naughty men like us to slip about at all. This job goes south, there well may not be another. So here is us, on the raggedy edge. Don't push me, and I won't push you.

He remembers playing as a colt. Dancing around the sad wasteland his father had called a terra. Opals half starved mother was what one would call a purebred Arabian mare who had the ill fat of being born in captivity but she was captured from her fair treatment by a stallion whose was a cold as the night. He had forcebred her and Opal was the resulting babe tho as Opals Akhal-teke father had enough sons living with him and wanted fillies to trade to his surrounding herds Opal was kicked out of the herd at the age when he could first digest grass. But there was hope yet for the abandoned colt as fate would have it an old stallion who had been one fo the greatest fighters of all horse-dom took Opal under his wing. The old stallion had no name so Opal called him Uncle. Uncle taught the blood bay colt that just because he wasn't a pure blood that he could beat those of pedigreed breeding at their own game, for you see the old stallion was a small Mongolian horse. It was years later that Opal learned what he knows now tho it was Uncle who taught him some of the most important lessons. About 4 years later old age caught the old stud and he died silently in his sleep. That was when Opal had come here and found the crown of the Bachelors lie discarded on the earth. That is when Opal became the lead of the bachelors and performed many a raid on unsuspecting horses. He sighs as he remembers that horrible day when his spilt the blood of the innocent, raped virgin mares, and attacked weaker stallions.

The Operative: I already know you will not see reason.
Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: The Alliance wanted to show me reason, they shouldn't have sent an assassin.
The Operative: I have a warship in deep orbit, Captain. We locked onto Serenity's pulse beacon the moment you hit atmo. I can speak a word and send a missile to that exact location inside of three minutes.
Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: You do that, you'd best make peace with your dear and fluffy lord.
[Mal tosses mechanism at the Operative]
The Operative: [catching the mechanism] Pulse beacon.

It was terrible, a terrible thing. Every day he hears their screams of agony echoed in his ears as sad relics of his childhood. He feels something soft brush up against his leg, thinking it a shark he rears up then cherished back down to the beckoning surf. A peace of black seaweed flies of in another direction as answer to his instinctual fear. Only a piece of seaweed. Opal, o' budding, I think you going crazy. He says biter in his mind. Piracy aint what it used to be. It seems only yesterday he was out taking care of his nice little herd when suddenly their well shouts of a war being started. Naturally Opal wanted in on it so he aligned himself with a few good stallions and waited for the worst..but the worst never came. In the end the war was put on hold and Opal went back to his normal finding ladies stage. One day he met a particular arab mixed female named Hot Tamale and he and Tamale were having a stellar conversation when they were rudely interrupted by Oblivious Killer. Now Oblivious was aiming to impress Tamale but all he ended up doing was repelling her from his presence and Hot Tamale went home with Opal to become his queen. Oblivious Killer never regained his pride and set out on a mission to Killer the dreaded pirate tho this mission failed. Along with every other mission Oblivious launched on the half-breed. Well, that's life, Opal was just better at getting the ladies and fighting, so the Kladruber horse hated him for it. Okay so Opal has a little of an ego, too. This never stopped him from attempting the impossible just because he can.

The Operative: And are you willing to die for that belief?
Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: ...I am.
Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: [whips out a gun and shoots at Operative several times]
Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: [Turning away] 'Course, it ain't exactly Plan A...

It had been a wonderful time fighting and winning. But Opal was about to fall into peril as he walked through the glen one day to stumble upon one for the mares from Oblivious Killers herd. A smile had planted itself on his facade as he made way toward the alone mare with black intentions on his mind tho he kept these securely hidden from her view. He had approached Dawns Revenge as she stood alone in the glen and had a nice chat with her that included some more than friendly closeness. But when it started raining Oblivious Killer showed up madder then a cat in then snow he had broken them up where as Dawn had confessed that she was merely using me to get information. A smart plan I must admit and I acted like anew what was happening all along tho that is far from the truth. Even tho she had tried to pump all my assets away I defended her when Oblivious refused to believe her truthful-story. Anger burned in her heart as she loved and perhaps still loves the kladruber horse. She had plotted with Opal in the secret of his cave tho for some magic reason Oblivious got wind of this and banned her from his herd for an eternity. The heart broken Dawn had taken refuge with the stallion Raindark and later she moved in with Opal. Their relation ship grew with each sunrise and soon that realized that they were perfect for each other, both of them as untamable as the open sea. Their spirits unbreakable even when fate burns all their cards away and leaves them only charred ashes to make good with. Forever they will remain together.

Inara Serra: Mal, what are you doing here? Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: You invited me.
Inara Serra: I never thought for a second you'd be stupid enough to come!
Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: Well that makes you a tease.

He stands against the pull of the waves on his chest. The sand slipping out from underneath his hooves as the ocean rages to reclaim its infamous captain. Captain Opal has a nice ring to it.

Dr. Mathias: [referring to Dr. Simon Tam who has just helped his sister, River Tam, escape] Gave up a brilliant future in medicine as well. It's madness.
The Operative: Madness?
[Ambles over to the holographic projection of River and Simon escaping through an air vent]
The Operative: Have you looked at this scan carefully, Doctor? At his face? It's love, in point of fact. Something a good deal more dangerous.


- arabian.
- black stallion.
- age of death unknown.
- lived in twilight beach.
- ranked as king.
- played by tay.
- enishi x tomoe.

You're right in a way. Your height does have some things to do with this battler, but nothing to do with the reason for this battle. So you could say your half right. Then again Raaquis does want to prove size doesnÕt madder, strength does. Ability does. Speed does. YouÕre not like his last opponents here, Dracula. All the others teased him about his height and spoke of squishing him. You have not and for that you just gained some respect from the ebony brute, but don't think that means he's letting you off easy. Your so wrong if you think that, boy. There's nothing that could hold him back from this fight. He was waiting for this day when he fought a stallion with real strength and no mouthing off, most importantly no name-calling. You were grown up unlike the others. Then again maybe this is because you are much older then most of them here, the ones he has fought anyway. Raaquis is still very young and has his whole life ahead of him. Well, that is unless someone murders him, but heh how could dare try? Who could even keep up enough to catch him?

His own speedy spawns couldn't even keep up with his burly hide. So if he ever is cornered he could always run. Then some may call him coward, but really running away is a defense when nothing else is possible. So don't mistake defense and coward as the same thing. I'm sure you won't it's the others I'm worried about. Man I hope I win dear Prima. She is so beautiful and so fine! Her dark features, her bloodlust, her power. It's all-good to him! Did you know Prima has a family member at Raaquis' terra? His lovely beta Deathnote is somehow related to her. A cousin or something like that. It was all too confusing to remember, but just so you know if Raaquis wins she would do going somewhere good. Now Raaquis won't rape her. She might not like him at all, but Deathnote has a way with other females. She was such and enchantress.

Oh, listen to him babble on and on! This battle was on and the first three moves have been made by Raaquis. He was quick to the blow wasn't he? Now letÕ' see how you take all this speed and how you attack. Sometimes trying to watch something that goes so fast can make you sick, dizzy, or give you a headache. Oh, I forgot something else too! Trying to focus you eyes on him can hurt them, make you blink a lot while trying to focus your eyes. That's when you headache springs. These affects pop into the stallion's skull. An evil smirk stretched a crossed his mug as he got an idea for a next attack. His head tiled downward, casting a dark shadow on his face. This made him look sinister with his evil smirk. Now he waited for this large bodied stag to approach and make his moves. Moving his tongue over his dry lips he tasted the bitter blood from your rump. Some dripped off his mug and onto the ground before his hooves, but the rest was lapped up by Raaquis' tongue.

The wondrous sound of the large stallion's rib cracking still rang in his small-pinned ears. This made his smirk even greater and his lifted his head heaving hoofs beat towards him. His dial turned to stare into the stallion's cold eyes. His eyes took full gaze of the stallion's body as he leaped and sprung out his back hooves. Reaction time was everything. There wasn't much time, but he had a plan for this one attack. Hs legs bent and he unleashed them, pushing backwards. The stallion's large daggers soared by his chest, taking along some skin from his chest. Blood dripped down his chest, heart beating in a fast rhythm. That was a close one! A large rock had been beside Raaquis and the stallion's daggers clashed and cracked the mighty rock. Balancing himself he glared at the stag and was sure to watch those large hooves of his.

For a few seconds the two stared down at each other. Raaquis bent himself down a bit, neck curling. His stance was as if to say, "Bring it on". A few blood drops collected in front of him. Taking in a deep breathe it started again. Dracula leapt towards him, but Raaquis was surprised he missed. He chuckled under his breath. He wasn't sure if he meant that or not. Turning quickly to face him again he noticed his front limbs rising up. Yes Raaquis knew what was coming next. Quickly jumping to the side the stallion's large daggers clashed onto the rocky grounds of the cliff. The ground shook a little and Raaquis fought to stay balanced. His eyes widened as Dracula lashed towards him. There was hardly any reaction time so all he could do is curl up his Arabic neck. After all Arabian's were good at curling their pretty necks. Sharp vampires sunk into the bunches of skin sticking out from his neck. Luckily it wasn't his life vein, but hell did this hurt! Blood squirted from his nape, teeth grinding together.

Relief ran through him when the large stag let loose of his neck. Shaking his head widely blood splattered off his neck and onto some near by rocks and possibility even Dracula. No stag has ever made him bleed so much. You so lucky he doesn't tare you apart right now. He's just too sane for that at the moment. Calming himself he stilled his head and glared at Dracula. Then doing a half rear he charged forward, leaving behind a trail of blood. A snarl erupted from his mighty throat. Now this first move you may think he is copying you, but he's adding a little twist to it. He zooms passed your side then loops around and zooms passed your other side. You see Raaquis runs every day and builds up his stamina. If he didn't there would be no way to defeat you now. He would have been tuckered out, but no. He's been practicing and he always will. Zooming pasted your front he lopped around you again at speeds of light to where all you could feel was the wind rushing passed. As I stated before if you tried and focus your eyes on his movement your sight might be damaged or it might just be a simple headache. So don't bother. Out of nowhere, while passing your right side again he lashes out his vampires and tries to tare into the skin of your barrel.

If this happens his vampires will travel with him and he will finally pull them out once he reaches your flank. So you see this will become a most painful move and deadly. It could just tare open skin and make you bleed a lot or it may slice muscles. You may be damaged for life in the battle against the Speed Demon's son of terror. After he made that attack he jumped to the side, turning with all his speed on front limbs his back towards you. Rocking forward he lashed out his sharp daggers towards your barrel, the spot where he just might have tarred open your skin. Now if both these hit it will make a very painful combo and squeeze out move blood. Let's just see what happens? He's not done yet. There's one move he has in store for you my mighty stag. Turning back around to shoot a glare at you he sped off, lopping around your back end (with enough space not to get hit if you bucked out). Appearing by your left side he leaped into the air. Soaring his aimed to grab a hold of you throatlatch.

If this hit is might be deadly, or at least hurt a hell of a lot! For one this helps you talk. You might become mute after this attack. Also if he happens to be right on target and bites into your throatlatch he will be sort of hanging. Since he's smaller then you his body will do down and you will be dragged along with it. Oh, yeah and his head will be shaking to try and tare as much skin as possible. After a while if he had hit correctly he would of let go and jumped backwards, some blood jumping off his chest and nape and onto Dracula and the rocks underneath him. Then staring into your cold orbs he awaited for your last movements of this battle then the judging. What would be the outcome?


- andalusian.
- dapple grey stallion.
- died aged 12 summers.
- lived in crystal waters.
- ranked as king.
- played by carly.
- unknown x unknown.

Raindark, Lord of Crystal Waters
has taken his last breath. His lands
are now held by his half brother,
Clouds Shadow. A memorial was made for
him a link is in the new Crystal Waters. from old age. He thanks all loyal to him
for everything. His heart still beats
for Alunai, and hopefully their foal
will be brought up well... Without a father.
Crystal Waters will soon be restored to
the glory it saw with Raindark, it will
just take a little time with Cloud.
The Ghost has Chanted one last time.
He bids farewell to those he loved,
and he is off to explore
.The Infinate Abyss.

~Carly, Loving Master of Raindark.

Rebellion Force

- mutt bred. 4 breeds.
- dapple grey stallion.
- died aged 29 summers.
- lived in nightmare boulivard.
- ranked as retired king.
- played angel.
- black liquid x angelfire.

It was time. Though no tears rolled down the stallion’s face, tears rolled down the writer’s as her hands typed slowly…slower and slower until she forced herself to clip away the final string attaching her to this beloved stallion, who loved lots, lost plenty and who adored the every member of his family. He is the last of the elders to go and the first to be born. The elders of the family, AngelFire…Kresent Killer…and himself. Of his siblings, only two remain to this day, Cursed his young sister and Galahad who stands beside him at the moment. She’s left typing this to so long, for she doesn’t want to end it here, now. Cutting away the essence of Clan AngelFire.

The stallion couldn’t help the tear that rolled down his cheek as he realized too, this was it. He was done and a ragged breath came through his nostrils as he thought of those who’d he’d miss…those who he wouldn’t be able to see grow up and grow old. But the old battle-scarred stallion didn’t shed another tear. It was time, time for him to go and die…but yet he would hold out for the some forty offspring who had yet to care.

Rebel didn’t even get upset, for why should they care?

For he was their father, their beginning…he was the sperm in which had given fruit to the egg. And he loved all his children. Legendary Sins down to Rebellion Song. He was passionate about family, adored them…protected them and stood by them even when he knew they were wrong. And this was it…the death.

His eyes, so calm…mature and powerful…intense as he studied his son with Glory…ah Glory of Rights. She had been a great girl, passionate…loving and kind. His lips turned into a sad smile, wrinkles and scars disappear as one is allowed to look into the heart of Clan AngelFire. “Do not give in to your despair, Force of Glory. For family will prevail and will always help you win back those who are precious to you.” Rebel’s voice was still husky…brittle with age and pleasant to the horse ear.

“I am ready to join the legends of the past my son, where I belong.” Rebel spoke to his son before turning to a former mate with a smile. “If I recall my dear Glory, I always wanted to be more than friends.” Came a saucy word and a wink from his good eye. Ah my Rebel, making jokes on your death bed…but that was the way of the Dark Lord.

Tears rolled finally from Rebel’s eyes as his Devil approached. Do you remember how we met Devil? I stole Arminas’s queen and then he traded you for her…god how good that I traded for you. You have been not only a lady to me, but a mare who stole my heart along with my Coldfire. You have been more than just a breeding mare, you have always been a friend…family and a mare who would always stand by me.

Rebel turned his head to press his nose one last time to inhale her smell from her red body…it was slowly graying…but he was pure white where he’d once been iron gray. “We will wait for you Devil, our family is never complete without you. Consequence is supposed to take care of you.” He told her, whispering deeply into her ear, like the lovers they had been…the lovers they were. “I love you more than life itself my dearest Devil.” He told her, inhaling deeply before she stepped away. The last kiss that their noses touched and Rebel stepped forward with her, to whisper one last thing, “Tell Sinner that I forgive him, Devil. Tell him that even in my last moments he was my son and that I love him no matter what he will pull in his future.” Rebel desperately wanted his son to know this…where had they gone wrong with Sinner? Who knew…who knew.

Rebel smiled at his Sonador…his Dora and he nuzzled her gently as she appeared before him. Ah SHortie…how he’d adored that little Shetland pony who fought like the devil. She too had been close to his family. “Dora my darling daughter, what is important is that you came.” Rebel told her gently, scolding her for her silliness before he smiled at the filly, “Welcome to the family.” Was all he said as he turned to the next. He had precious time left.

The sun was setting on the eve of his thirtieth birthday…everything about him whispered that it was time to go…time to die. He felt no fear, no worries over what would happen. They would make it without him…they would live on well he rested below. The cave behind him beckoned. After he was in they would close it off forever…leave his body alone until the end of time.

“The only thing that matters Savio, is that you came. And I do remember your mother…was she not a palomino?...but it is no matter. Family is always welcomed at Nightmare Boulivard and you will be welcomed to stay here for as long as you like. Welcome home, my son.” He spoke, his smile genuine as he studied the stallion before him. Rebel was proud of all offspring, dark…light…neutral. Such as his dear Rebel’s Heartache, his light daughter…he would see her soon.

“Brother? It is time.” Galahad spoke gently as he touched Rebel on the shoulder and the great stallion turned with a nod and a sad smile before he turned back to those gathered. Cousins…siblings, children, grandchildren…all of them were important to him and so he would say his last words to them. Rebel’s eyes drifted over all that had gathered, “I wish to tell you all that you mean very much to me. I love you all and I wish all of you the best lives possible, whether you be dark, light or neutral. I encourage you all to remember a simple thing. Family is what matters in this world, for family will never turn their back on you. Stay together and make all of us proud.” He spoke before he slowly turned his gaze away.

He shook his head as Galahad stepped up to help him and his young brother fell back as Rebel walked away. His hobbling step was crippling and slow, but he walked on his own accord. Muscles moved underneath his scarred pelt, his long body shimmering as he walked towards the entrance of the darkness. And he was not afraid of the dark. There lay paradise within the love of his Coldfire.

He never looked back at those he loved, instead he looked forward to those who’d left him…those who would welcome him back as the sun fully set, the moon tracing over her path in the sky as he stepped into the darkness, his long tail that dragged ‘pon the ground the last they seen…and would ever see of the great Rebellion Force.

And he felt peace as he felt the slow ripping…it was not painful, it was safe. And for some odd reason, the cave felt extended. He heard a crash behind him as Consequence landed on a rock and crashed it down over the opening, sealing him in. And Rebel moved forward in the darkness, carefully lining his way. It didn’t hurt to move anymore as he walked, deeper and deeper into the little cave. But wait…a light? Nay a fire at the end and Rebel moved towards it as the light came closer and closer…and he broke through.

He stood, strong…brave, powerful as his eyes cast upon the rocky crevices of hell, his sight seen as many demons whinnied and suddenly he seen them. Galloping towards him was a massive black horse, ears pinned back as the Friesian body hurtled towards him. And he grinned as he reared, giving a triumphating scream to those who seen. And she stopped beside him, nipping him ‘pon his hide.

“Hello my dearest brother,” Exclaimed Kresent Killer…her eyes gleaming as others broke away, two pure white hided horses…AngelFire and Snowfire, a gray speed demon hurtling faster than they, a beautiful blonde Bucephalus who’s laughter cast out the screams of those punished and then finally an appaloosa mare who ran quicker than she had when he’d first seen her, tears streaming from her eyes as Rebel felt his heart skip a beat and fully fade into something of the past. Kresent Killer grinned wickedly at him, her lips parting as they reached him.

“Welcome to hell.”

And this was the best homecoming he would ever get.


To my dearest Rebellion Force,

It has been long due that I had you join those who are already gone…but you are my favorite, a stallion I shall always love and respect. I wish you all the happiness with those who’ve past before you…for you deserve the peace of hell more than any other. Hopefully Consequence, Carwreck and Force of the Devil shall keep me from missing you too much…for you are and will always be my Dark Lord.

Rest in Peace, Rebellion Force,
Father of Many,
Longtime King of Hidden Canyon,
The Dark Lord of Nightmare Boulivard,
And An Angel’s Best Friend


Royal Legacy

- mutt bred. 5 breeds.
- palomino stallion.
- died aged 10 summers.
- lived in murmuring rivers.
- ranked as king.
- played by alixa.
- legado x duchess.

The light was warm, but my golden pelt felt no warmth. I lay on the sandy riverbank which cradled the main river. Auds could hardly hear the rushing currents of the water that ran faster than any normal equine could ever wish to run. No summer warmth seemed to touch me and fill me with warmth and comfort. Breathing was heavy, sides making the hardest of efforts to force in oxygen. Ivory mane rested upon my sweat-layered nape, whipcords lashing at the bugs that attempted to make refuge upon my flank. Limbs were limp… I felt helpless, yet safe all in the same moment. I closed my lids, not wanting to see the blazing light any longer. This was something I knew would happen, but now? I was only 12 years old… Wasn’t this the same age my father died at? I could only hope, that if this was real, if this wasn’t a dream, that Rahown would live longer. I wanted the best for my family, and I hoped that Stephi might live a few more years, but since when could mates ever live long without one another? My mother and father proved it was something that was possible, with the right reasons to continue living on. But Stephi did have a reason, and that was to watch out children grow up, to watch Rahown make the best of everything he had as a resource… I had noticed my memory had been slipping. I remember making a trip to the lake, and yet I cannot recall if anyone, or even Stephi had showed up. But the breeding factor was not important. I hadn’t gone there for pleasure. I had gone there, possibly because I knew my time was at a near end, and I wanted to do what my father had done, and leave one last generation to remind others of who I was…. And thought not all knew my name, they knew my father, no doubt. Or at least, hopefully Rahown might change things.

I sighed heavily, still my body was trying to pull in all the air that it could, and still finding it could only catch so little. Was this the way I was going to go? By suffocating within myself? I could feel life ebbing away, and yet I still felt the strong determination my body withheld so greatly. The legendary stubbornness that coursed through every generation within the Legacy Family…. As I was about to close my eyes, a figure appeared. I saw a bay colt standing before me. But the scent was not of Murmuring Rivers, and yet it held a family scent about himself. I gave him a quizzical gaze as he looks down upon me with sorrow and amazement all in one single stare. His words great my hearing….

“ Royal Legacy?”

I nod. But why was he asking who I was? And why did he smell so much like the family? His face was foreign to me, and though I didn’t know all my children, I knew that he wasn’t one of them. But when his words greet my fading hearing, I felt my heart skip a beat….

“ I’m your uncle, Apasionado… Legado’s little brother…. I’m.. I’m sorry I couldn’t have come sooner to get to know you… If you wish, I will let all know of your passing, seeing as you might not-“

He cut off and looked away. And at the moment, I saw Legado appear in all his ivory glory, but as young and strong as he had been when I was but a colt myself…. At his side, Duchess, wearing the proud smile she always did when I was around. Legado smiled at me, and stood beside Apasionado, gazing at him a long while.

“ I wouldn’t have guessed mother and father would have another child…”

My father’s voice rang out in the same tones it had when he was alive, yet it had a bit of an echo about it… I attempt to lift my skull, but it failed miserably… I look to Apasionado who looks just as stunned as myself. He nodded in respects. He could see Legado and Duchess, too? I couldn’t believe this. But not being able to find my voice, I just listened as best as I could, every now and again, the sounds about me faded to the lowest of levels, then came back to me again… This time, Apasionado spoke.

“ They said the same thing to me before they…”

He paused, sadness filling his eyes. Legado reached out and touched his shoulder comfortingly, just like he always did when another of his family was hurting. He grinned and spoke in turn.

“ They are content, and very proud you’ve found the last place the Legacy Family blood still runs strong…. I trust you will stick to this place, always, Apasionado. This is our family, and there is nothing more important than loyalty to your own blood…. You’ll take care of them from earth, no? I am always watching from above, even looking down on you….”

Apasionado’s eyes lit with pride, the same pride I’ve seen in every member of the Legacy Family. I smile, then suddenly grow weaker, no longer able to crane my napt to look at those speaking. I was growing weaker and weaker, but my hearing, thankfully, stayed with me, despite it ever-fading. Apasionado’s words came next.

“ I promise, Brother… I will die for this family…. You have nothing to worry about when it comes to my health…. I am honored to have met you, Legado, and I am sorry, Royal Legacy for not having gotten to know you in this life… Perhaps in the afterlife…?”

I could feel their gaze burning into my palomino pelt, and I soon felt the softest muzzle touch my side, instantly realizing the touch as my mother’s. I soon felt my father’s closeness, as well as Apasionado’s. But then, all feeling left me, my hearing vanished, and I felt my heart stop, and all motions cease. But I suddenly open my eyes to see me standing in a cloudy paradise, eyes landing all the souls of those who have been welcomed into the Heavenly Skyland. Legad stands beside me, mother on the other. I look to both of them, and stare downward tosee Apasionado staring over my physical body… But when sorrow overwhelmed me, it was then that I realized my hearing was sharp once more, eyes were in perfect condition, as was everything. I look to mother and then keep my gaze on Legado. He offers a comforting smile.

“ In time, your lover will join us. But for now…. I’ve missed you, my son, and I couldn’t be happier and sadder at the same time to welcome you here… Eqqus is pleased with your courage and loyalty…”

I smile and touch my father’s shoulder, as I have longed to do in many years…. I turn and nip gently at my mother’s shoulder before speaking, looking on into the vast, endless, cloudy landscape.

“ I feel the same, father…”

And being flanked by the two equines who had brought me into the mortal world, and guided me out, we walk together…. But thought continue to twist and turn, only hoping that someone might be there to comfort Stephi. It was then I could imagine Apasionado, my uncle as oddly as it had been, would see to her well…. And so, worries vanished as I relished in the company I’ve longed to be in for so long…. .


- andalusian.
- white stallion.
- left mist meadows.
- lived in shadow valley.
- ranked as king.
- player unknown.
- unknown x unknown.

The land shone a dull grey as consistent clouds moved in, all being blown by the strong gusts of wind that were beating upon the earth. The trees moved as one, their bodies swinging back and forth as their roots struggled to hold them in. The water was at its best, it's waves beating back and forth upon the sand and rocks, tossing it's prey around like it was nothing. The stormy weather created a sense of doom, and neglection. Only, what others could feel was the electric charge that the earth now held. You could feel it buzzing with excitement, ready to make its comeback on the winds that tormented it. The animals felt it. They didn't know what it was, or what it was about to do, but they felt it. That is why, when the rains broke down, they ran for shelter. The earth holds terrible secrets of its own. The animals were wise to flee. Very wise indeed. The star strewn stallion stood there, still, in a land where all was moving. He listened and watched over his glorious land. His startling bedroom deemed eyes pivoted through the scenery, taking in one beautiful sight at a time. Though to others the land might seem wild, and untamed, to him it was a place of freedom, where even the earth wasn't held back by itsÕ own chains. His eyes held the secrets to his past, and had a depth in them that made most wonder. They were wise, yet held a gentleness that did not seem over powering. They were kind, yet had a fierce passion hidden underneath all of the niceness. As the rains broke loose, Shadowfax looked towards the heavens. He released a call that not one could ever remember, nor forget. He didn't know why he was talking to the sky, and to those who lived above it. He looked around, knowing that where he was, another must be also. Within that single inhale o' fresh scents, a perfume o' a long lost hope bypassed into nasal cavities. That scent was to make the usual consistent, unrentless beats o' the captured organ to triple in rhythm. Could it be? Denial flew into the cognitive interior as it was a rational step that most took when some sort of depression consumed their character. possibly couldn't be. Perhaps it was a buried memory reawakening itself with the dawning of the new day. That intoxicating memory took its delicate fingers and squeezed the star-blessed heart o' this knight. He spotted her, a beautiful sight, standing as the rain fell down and entangled with her ruby dyed body. A secretive smile slowly crossed his maw, where it stayed. It wasn't an evil smile. No, not at all. It was simply a smile for the past. Even as ShadowfaxÕs vision and heart believe it to be true, but what was amiss was that the figureÕs outlining was shaded and eerie. For it was truly not a flesh and blood mare, but a mere illusion that haunts the backgrounds of his mind. Tension ran rampant o'er the stately features o' my dashing white hero, for absolute rage and fury seeped into veins. Fury for the life loss of the ruby Dorothy that was unexpectedly stolen out from underneath him. With that simmering fury was a deep regret for allowing it to happen. Deep auburn lashes lowered themselves o'er the windows taking in the hurtful pains and hiding them away.


- arabian.
- white stallion.
- died aged 10 summers.
- lived in river valley.
- ranked as king.
- player unknown.
- unknown x unknown.

The ivory demon known as
Snowfire may not have been
feared by all, but those
who did not temble before him
did respect him.
His lust for power, combinined with a
brilliant mind and thirst for battles,
made him a force to be reckoned with.
He took what he wanted and gave
nothing back.
Even today, the fire of the ivory
demon can be see in the eyes of
his decendents. A fire so powerful
that it can turn even the most fierce
of opponents into ash. A fire that
not even death could extuinguish.


- mutt bred. 4 breeds.
- black blanket mare.
- died aged 12 summers.
- lived in murmuring rivers.
- ranked as queen.
- played by mandy.
- unknown x unknown.

All those long days, all the love the joy was slowly fading away. Steph knew in her heart that her lovers days were short but this couldn't be real, there was still so strong and yet he was to leave? Tears formed in her eyes as she slowly digested her thoughts how would she make it through this she was no longer close to any of her children she had been so depressed lately and she hadn't even seen her lover in some times. But it seems all the parts were coming apart everything is downfalling and yet she is putting them together. arn't you usually in dinial at this state of mind, or was she stronger then she thought.....would she live another day without him by her side. She could feel his pain, his suffering and she wanted him to have nothing to do with this, she love Royal Legacy and nothing would ever change it! but how could this happen? why would Eqqus take him away from me, why would his father, or his mother, how could this be happening? Steph lay there next to her lovers lifeless body. She had so much to say, so much she wished she could have said. but she knew deep down that he knew she loved him and she knew deep down that he would always return this love no matter where his hooves laid he would be thinking of me, as i do every second of my life. I just don't know how i am to do this task, listen to all the 'im am so sorry for your loss' or 'can i do anything to help' i can already hear it. how i wish it could just be Royal legacy abd i once again running in the meadows all alone, just us two, i wish those days would never end, but it has. And the hard thing is i can't do anything to stop it. I stared in to his lovely eyes oh but his ever so beautiful sparkle was gone, that twinkle that we both had would no longer be seen by one another, how could this happen? How would Rahown go on, or any of the others. How could i be here for them when this would be the hardest for me....i just wish...well the wishing is over and i know longer have that choice. My necked draped over his, tears streaming down my ebony head on to his golden coat. I looked up slowly to the bay why was he here? But i didn't care i just wanted to lay with my lover until i could no more. I whispered softly in his golden ears.
I love you...
One last time, I know i will be there with him one's just i didn't even get to say...goodbye....

OOC: im like crying!!!!


. I m J u s t A L i t t l e F l o w e r .

Named - Stephanotis

Gender - Mare

Age- 12

Stained - ebony w/ white blanket.

Breed - Appaloosa//Arabian//thoroughbred//Andalusian

Physique - She is a very beautiful thing, she has some features of the Arabian. But her body type is most like Thoroughbred. her pelt shows the appaloosa in her. she has natural muscles and has a very athletic ability.

Personality -she can't be really classified. Over all she is a kind hearted mare with a heart of gold. But that does not mean she is no fighter. She is a powerful fae that can hold her ground, and she fights even harder for the ones she loves which isn't hard becasue she loves everyone. She is a great mother who cares so much that somtimes it can overwhelm her, she is a leader at heart and loves to bring others to there full potential and let them shine. She lays low and does not brag about her Queenship even though she is prouder then ever. Steph is a proud mare who always holds her head in spite of anything, she is one who always gives others a second chance. after she finds her one and only, the one who completes her she will never love another (which she has). She is very romantic and any moment she can spend with her lover is cherished. She is a beautiful fae from the inside out and will always hold a legend with herself.

Family - Rahown (X Royal Legacy)
Oddette (X Royal Legacy)
Tallulah (X Royal Legacy)
Undying Glory (X Royal Legacy)Twin w/ Love's Key
Love's Key (X Royal Legacy)Twin w/ Undying Glory
Legendario ( XRoyal Legacy)
Sunshine Dreamer (Rahown X Little Miss) First Born Grandchild
Akahi (Rahown X Little Miss)
Duquesa (Odette X Knight Rider)
Barbie (Talullah X Stanton)

True Love - Royal Legacy



- friesian.
- black stallion.
- left mist meadows.
- lived in sun valley.
- ranked as king.
- played by r!sk.
- unknown x unknown.

testament needed.

Sweet Serenade

- arabian.
- black mare.
- age of death unknown.
- lived in crystal waters .
- ranked as ex-queen.
- played by angel.
- unknown x unknown.

Her mind terrorized by thoughts of her beloved, her mind screaming in pain by her demons. How could she go on? She was a broken mare, unworthy of the love of nine children, unworthy. She was a whore like Alunai had dubbed her, she was nothing. An empty void of a mare. Her soul was tattered, nothing in it. And she couldn't pull away from the pain of a mindblowing death. She would become nothing, forgotten as she should be. Alunai was remembered as Raindark's only queen. Raindark was remembered but Serenade, no one knew the first queen the queen who was so naturally sweet that when it came to keeping Raindark even when he loved another she wouldn't. She gave him the push and regretted it ever since. Beloved Raindark.

Her ears could hear the pleas, her mind was ignoring them, spiraling deeper and deeper into depression as she was. Depression had been there forever, since Beyond a Dream. Her Dreamer, but Dreamer hadn't been blamed. Was it all Serenade's fault her life had ultimately been ruined? She was too naturally kind, else why would she had been raped twice? Her foals were gone. She had no family. Raindark was goneÉmonsters, so many monsters in the dark.

Serenade could vaguely feel words drifting into her ears, her rambling mind making no notice as she lay on her knees, crushed. She could feel Enishi's words, only rumbling in reply, 'He's gone. gone from me. she took him.' And burst into more tears, her words were thick and barely noticeable as she rolled her face in the dirt, it staining her white star.

Serenade was a beautiful mare. A star with socks with black pelt and a long, elegant body she was simply breathetaking. Even giving birth to nine, six with heavy fathers, she barely had a swayed back. Her eyes always held a certain kindness and beauty and nobility. She was suited as a mare to be looked at and not touch, why had they touched? And like the most delicate of glass Serenade had finally shattered a million pieces.

She was going insane, she could hear Dreamer, could hear her introduce herself to the twins. 'Dreamer. my Dreamer, my pretty baby girl.' She bubbled on, dirty streaks on her face as her head rolled back, tucked into her chest. The singing would aid her passing. Harmony's singing was chasing away the demons, allowing her to slip away. 'Harmony, my beautiful Harmony. Death doesn't stop for me.' She could feel her normal self whisper as her soul began to leave, tattered.

Dilemma's pleading voice drew her too, 'Dilemma baby, I can't help it.; She whispered as her soul left a hoof then another. Faith? Faith was in love, Fate had been gone for a bit.

'Watch your language Fate.' Came the natural scold even as Serenade finally opened her eyes, blurred from falling tears to see seven horses around her. The two twins, her two daughters and Enishi. Enishi who had wrecked her life and yet had made it better. He had won her.

'You freed me. thank you.' Serenade whispered as she stared into his eyes as another hoof slipped free, the last unwilling to leave her still youthful body.

The warmth of another surrounded Serenade as her daughter tucked herself beside her smaller mama like she did when she was a foal. 'Faith...truly my Leap of Faith.' Whispered Serenade.

Artorius' words were the last to fill her ears and in the few seconds she felt her soul slip free, felt the warmth of death and seen him.

'Home to Raindark.' Serenade whispered softly, slipping fully away as she seen him. A towering, powerful and massive light gray stallion, opening the gates, his smile fulfilling her to the warmth she had known only in his arms, Griffen and Charit beside him. Home.
Sweet Serenade
Lover of Raindark
Mother of Forgotten Charit, Beyond a Dream, Griffen, Farthen Dur, Artorius and Shattered Fate, Leap of Faith and Harmony and Dilemma
To Home She Goes,
To His Waiting Love,
To Her Sons Who Wait For Her,
To Home She Goes. .

White Pearl

- breed unknown.
- white mare.
- age of death unknown.
- lived in quallan.
- ranked as queen.
- player unknown.
- unknown x unknown.

testament needed.