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Frequently Asked Questions
- How do I claim a territory?
If the owner of the land has been inactive for a month or more you can ask to claim it on the help board. If someone else also wishes to claim it you will have to battle their character for possession of the land. When the winner is decided, simply post in help the old land's name and owner and post the new name along with the new owner. The character that fought for the land will be the owner, not another character.
If the owner of the territory has been inactive for less than a month, you will have to challenge the owner for the territory.

- If the leader of my mare's herd changes, does she have to stay?
If a new character takes over the herd, all mares have the option of staying or leaving the herd if the new leader is not related to the old leader. Unless the new leader sends all mares away.

-What happens if the leader is inactive for a month and no one challenges or claims the territory?
Your character is free to leave the herd if the leader is not active for more than a month. Regardless of the territory rules.

- Can I add this power to my character or change their height?
No. Not unless it is through a special event. You cannot make changes to your character once you have been accepted.

- Can I edit my foal before it's born?
With moderator approval, yes. This includes adjust personality and markings. This does not include adjusting any powers, gifts, curses that have been given to the foal.

- Can I revive a stillborn foal?
No. A stillborn foal is usually born prematurely and are often underdeveloped, you wouldn't gain anything from it.

- When does the season change?
On the first of each month.

- How do I credit things properly?
Always credit the original source of the image, link back to the page and state who it is by if possible, please refrain from using copyrighted images. You do not have to credit html unless the original maker requests it.

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